• James Disdale

    Road test editor James Disdale has been working at Auto Express and Carbuyer for nearly six years.

  • Dean Gibson

    Dean has worked on CarBuyer since its launch, and is deputy road test editor of Auto Express.

  • Lesley Harris

    The most experienced member of our road test team has seen, heard and driven it all before.

  • Jonathan Burn

    Johnny works on sister site, Auto Express, and ensures the website and magazine are both crammed with news stories and feature articles.

  • James Burnay

    Publishing director, James, works on all parts of Carbuyer, including editorial, advertising, marketing, subs and production.

  • Russell Campbell

    Russell works on filling it to bursting with fresh content, up-to-the-minute new-car deals, and advice pieces.

  • Chris Ebbs

    Consumer news editor, Chris, is heavily involved in writing about the big issues that impact on car buyers.

  • Steve Fowler

    Steve has been editor-in-chief for Auto Express and Carbuyer since 2011 and has been a motoring journalist for over 20 years.

  • Graham Hope

    Graham has been with Carbuyer since the start and is responsible for ensuring high standards are implemented across all platforms.

  • Richard Ingram

    Richard is Carbuyer's senior web producer, taking care of all aspects of the website from news and reviews to tips and advice.

  • Luke Madden

    Luke is deputy news editor for Auto Express and looks after news and drives for the mag and website, while also contributing to Carbuyer.

  • John Mahoney

    John is a freelancer who frequently contributes to Carbuyer, using a wealth of motoring knowledge to update news and reviews for the website.

  • Owen Mildenhall

    Our resident racing driver has years of experience, driving thousands of miles every year testing the latest cars across the globe.

  • Stuart Milne

    Stuart is Carbuyer's editor, and has spent the last 15 years driving and writing about cars.

  • William Morris

    William is Carbuyer's content editor, responsible for generating news and reviews, as well as tips and advice for new car buyers.

  • Stuart Morton

    Stuart is in charge of quality control and ensures all the articles are written to style and kept on deadline.

  • Sam Naylor

    Sam started his career focussing purely on the Carbuyer website, but has since moved over to Auto Express as the website's web producer.

  • Jack Rix

    Jack looks after the news and first drives sections of our sister magazine, Auto Express.

  • Mat Watson

    Mat Watson is a motoring journalist with more than 13 years experience writing about and reviewing cars.

  • Alex Yau

    Alex provides regular content for the Carbuyer website.