Toyota and Lexus unveil new anti-collision technology

Article Luke Madden
Jan 8, 2013
Integrated Safety Management Concept

First look at the prototype Lexus LS fitted with systems aiming to cut out road traffic deaths.

Toyota and Lexus have unveiled a prototype Lexus LS fitted with systems aiming to cut out road traffic deaths. The Integrated Safety Management Concept (ISMC) isn’t a self-driving car, but does use a range of cameras, sensors and radios to assist the driver.

The ISMC has the ability to talk to other vehicles and to smart infrastructure technology, including traffic lights. As a result, Toyota and Lexus are hoping to stop collisions at intersections and during lane changes.

The cameras and sensors that are part of the system will also help to monitor traffic and pedestrians to either help warn the driver if an accident is about to happen or to apply the brakes to prevent a collision.

The system is made up of a 360-degree laser on the roof that can detect object up to 70 metres away, three high-definition video cameras for objects – including traffic lights and approaching vehicles – up to 150 metres away and radar on the front and side of the car.

The technology itself will protect the driver through all aspects of driving, including pulling out of a parking space, avoiding collisions, minimising the impact of unavoidable collisions and rescue and response once a crash has occurred.

These technologies are essentially the next step in the process of making cars autonomous, but Toyota group vice president, Mark Templin is keen to point out that the driver should always be fully concentrating on the road. “For Toyota and Lexus, a driverless car is just a part of the story,” he says. “Our vision is a car equipped with an intelligent, always-attentive co-pilot whose skills contribute to safer driving.

“The real value of research projects like this is reinforcing our focus on what a few years ago seemed an impossible dream and is now becoming more plausible. We, consider the elimination of traffic fatalities and injuries the ultimate goal of a society that values mobility.”

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