Definitive Wax car care range

Article Jamie Fretwell
Jan 15, 2013
Definitive Wax car care

Top-end Definitive Wax range at bargain price.

The company that launched a £24,000 car wax in 2008 has now brought out a range of cheaper car-care accessories.

The Definitive Wax range now starts at £8.95 – for that you get a twin pack of microfibre buffing cloths. A larger drying towel costs £9.95, and the wool wash mitt £11.95. A 250ml shampoo bottle is £12.95, and the same amount of detailer costs £16.95.

The company hasn’t forgotten its high-end roots, however. It sells a 200ml pot of its exclusive Exemplar Glaze for £80, and the same amount of Contego Glaze is £10 more; this uses ultra-refined carnauba wax, candelilla wax, beeswax and montan wax to
offer four months’ protection.

Conservo Glaze also costs £90, but is more suited to classic cars. For the same price you can get Ubique Glaze and Synthetic Edition, which offer excellent water beading and should be easy to apply and buff off. Rosso Cera is designed for red cars, and the £90 Carrera Edition for track cars.

Next up is the £99.95 Durus Glaze. This has been designed for winter – it should last for more than four months and contains fruit extracts and coconut oil.

Synergy Glaze is a high-gloss show wax that costs £125, while Ostendo Glaze leaves a wet-look finish and comes in a wooden presentation box for £165. Even more exclusive are Number One (£395), Magnum Opus (£1,495) and Privé Edition (£1,995) waxes.

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