New Mer 2013 car care range

Article Jamie Fretwell
Feb 6, 2013
Mer Car Care Range

Mer says it’s drawn on its 45 years’ experience in the car care industry to produce its new 2013 range.

Mer's revamped premium car care line-up ranges from trigger spray cleaners for your interior, glass, alloy wheels and tyres to shampoo, polish and wax.

The first thing you’ll notice about the new range is that Mer has rebranded. Instead of the blue-and-red bottles of old, there's a stylish black-and-gold colour scheme, with a posh new logo that reflects the brand's German quality and proficiency.

Much more important than the new labels are the new formulas, however, which Mer calls Auto Shine Technologie. Not only are these said to be super-effective, they also claim to be simple to apply and last for a long time.

High Shine Shampoo will foam up better than Mer's previous car shampoo, and lift dirt and traffic film to leave a glossy, streak-free and water repellent shine.

But if you want more shine and protection, there's new Ultimate Shine Polish. It's a cleanser polish that removes micro-scratches and swirls so you can apply wax.

Mer recommends its new Deep Gloss Finishing Wax – a high-performance polymer design that is claimed to leave a durable, water-resistant coating for up to four months.

All three bodywork products can be used on any paint finish, and prices range from £6.99 for a 500ml bottle of shampoo to £19.99 for one litre of wax.

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