January 3p fuel duty hike likely to happen

Article Chris Ebbs
Nov 13, 2012

The planned increase in fuel duty in January 2013 looks likely to go ahead.

The planned increase in fuel duty in January 2013 looks likely to go ahead, after the Labour party lost a vote to try and get the rise delayed.

The party was pushing for the latest hikes to be postponed until April 2013, with Labour claiming that “it would be wrong” for it to come in sooner than this. However, it lost out by a government majority of 48 votes.

This latest increase would stretch already hard-pressed families, according to Labour. It went on to say that such a rise was poor timing when the economic recovery was still fragile.

These claims were refuted by the Treasury, which claimed that the cost of fuel was “now 10p per litre less than under the previous government's plans.”

Despite a number of Conservative MPs pushing for fairer fuel prices, they refused to vote with Labour. Instead they are waiting to see if chancellor George Osborne will offer any kind of respite in his autumn statement.

Conservative backbencher Robert Halfon, a prominent campaigner on fuel duty, said, “I believe it's perfectly sensible and right to wait for the autumn statement, given the Government's record, given that they cut fuel duty last year and given that they have stopped two fuel duty rises.”

This latest rise was meant to come in to affect back in August, but was delayed by Osborne.

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