Mercedes' Intelligent Drive takes driver assist to a new level

Article Luke Madden
Nov 20, 2012

Mercedes has revealed a range of futuristic technology for the new 2013 S-Class.

Mercedes has revealed a range of futuristic technology that's due to appear on the new S-Class, which will be unveiled in April 2013.

Chief among the developments is a system called Distronic Plus with Steering Assist. This will automatically steer, brake and accelerate for you at speeds between 19mph and 124mph, providing you have your hand on the steering wheel.

Many of the new technologies are safety related, though, including a new automatic braking system that works at up to 45mph and can even detect a potential collision from traffic crossing your path.
On top of that, there are also systems that monitor your drowsiness, read road signs and can detect pedestrians in the dark from up to 160m away. 

The lighting systems are completely LED for the first time ever and are set on main beam all of the time. Active masks in the headlights shield oncoming cars from the glare. A spotlight can be flashed on pedestrians to warn the driver of their presence, too.

And while self-parking cars are nothing new, the new S-Class will be the first that can operate the brakes and accelerator as well as the steering. It will also be able to drive out of the space afterwards.

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