Toyota recalls 2.7m cars worldwide

Article Chris Ebbs
Nov 14, 2012

The Japanese manufacturer has announced a new recall affecting 75,000 UK cars.

Japanese manufacturer Toyota has announced a new recall affecting 75,000 UK cars.

The latest issue, which comes one month after the maker recalled 7.41m cars for a separate problem, is for a total of 2.7m cars worldwide and because of a steering wheel and water pump system concern.

In the UK, it affects certain Toyota Avensis and Toyota Corolla models built between 2001 and 2009, as well as Toyota Prius models built from 2003 to 2009. 

A problem with the steering, which can lead to a rattling or knocking noise as well as a reduction in steering response, affects all three models. However, Toyota claims that cars are still safe to drive. The Prius is also subject to an issue with a failed water pump in the hybrid system, indicated by a warning light.

Just nine cases of steering problems and three water pump malfunctions have been reported across Europe. Toyota claims that no accidents have been reported due to either issue.

The manufacturer is contacting all owners involved in the recall. Toyota drivers who want to know if their car is subject to recall can telephone Toyota customer services on 0800 1388744, or log on to the Toyota customer service website.

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