Audi A1

Audi's smallest car is a direct rival for the MINI and Citroen DS3. The Audi A1 is available as a three-door hatchback and a more practical five-door Sportback. It's very stylish, and is based on the same platform as the Volkswagen Polo. Four economical turbocharged engines are available and the interior is incredibly well built, feeling like a smaller version of the larger Audi A3 and Audi A4. The suspension is very firm on top of the range cars, while a lot of desirable equipment is an optional extra.

Audi A1 hatchback

£14,115 - £24,900
3 & 5 Doors
3.7 / 5
  • Stylish looks
  • Premium interior
  • Great resale values
  • Expensive
  • Uncomfortable ride
  • MINI more fun

The Audi A1 is aimed directly at the ever popular MINI. But while the MINI offers sporty handling and a compact design, the A1 offers big-car luxury in a pint-sized package and is currently the cheapest way into Audi ownership. Unlike the MINI, the driving experience is centred more around comfort than excitement, but a range of peppy engines and well-weighted driving controls ensures that the A1 is one of the most capable cruisers in this class.

Audi A1 Sportback hatchback

£14,735 - £25,630
5 Doors
3.9 / 5
  • Top-quality interior
  • Superb engines
  • Very stylish
  • Expensive to buy
  • Limited rear-seat space
  • Uncomfortable ride

The five-door Audi A1 Sportback is a more practical version of the three-door Audi A1 supermini. It costs around £500 more than the three-door, and it's slightly taller and wider, so has more head and shoulder room in the back. However, boot space is the same as the three-door's at 270 litres, which is a lot better than the rival MINI hatchback. The A1 Sportback uses the same range of turbocharged petrol and diesel engines as the standard A1, all of which come with stop-start as standard.