BMW 7 Series

The luxurious BMW 7 Series is an executive saloon that's both good to drive and comfortable to ride in. It's available in standard and long wheelbase trims, and all cars are incredibly well equipped. Flagship models offer everything imaginable, including internet access from TV screens mounted in the rear. Accurate steering and rear-wheel drive make this big car surprisingly agile, but watch out for steep depreciation - particularly on cars with big petrol engines.

BMW 7 Series saloon

£58,275 - £104,270
4 Doors
3 / 5
  • Fun to drive
  • Top-quality interior
  • Brilliant diesel engines
  • Firm suspension
  • Poor resale values
  • Uneconomical petrol engines

Understated looks, a luxurious interior and impressive build quality make the BMW 7 Series a great luxury car. It's not quite as comfortable to ride in as the Mercedes S-Class, but it's certainly more fun to drive. Two versions are available: a long-wheelbase model designed for chauffeur work and a shorter version, which is targeted at those driving themselves. Five engines are available, including two diesels and three petrols, plus an economical BMW ActiveHybrid 7 petrol-electric hybrid version. The option list is enormous and even includes internet access and large flatscreen TVs for rear-seat passengers. You'll pay handsomely for the privilege of owning this car from new, but if you want a luxury limousine that's as fun to drive as a BMW 3 Series, then the 7 Series is the way to go.