Honda CR-Z coupe

The Honda CR-Z is arguably the world's first fun hybrid. It certainly looks more like a sports car than an ecologically minded Toyota Prius. Then there's its drive, which actually manages to provide genuine thrills and low running costs. It even comes with a manual gearbox – another first for a hybrid car. It's based on the Honda Insight, but combines a 1.5-litre engine with an electric motor to generate up to 135bhp of total power. We know that doesn’t sound particularly impressive, but the CR-Z shines in the corners, helping it back up its title as the first hybrid sports car. However, like many sports cars, it sacrifices the practicality for a sleek design – and while it does technically have backseats, they’re so small that you’re better off folding them down to turn the tiny boot into a reasonable one. Since 2012, the batteries have been upgraded to more efficient lithium-ion cells. It comes in four versions, Sport, Sport-T, GT and GT-T.