Hyundai Veloster coupe

The Hyundai Veloster is a practical coupe that competes with models such as the Volkswagen Scirocco but is much cheaper to buy. The Hyundai also offers something no other car in its class does – a single door at the back for better access to the rear seats. Unlike in the MINI Countryman, this door opens on to the pavement in the UK, so kids don’t have to exit the car onto the road.

From launch the Hyundai was available with just one engine – a sluggish 1.6-litre petrol, but the arrival of a new 1.6-litre turbo means that the Hyundai now has the pace to back its coupe image, even if it still isn’t super-quick. It may not be as fast as some coupe buyers would like but it is fun to drive on a twisty road.

There's a choice of two models – the SE and the Turbo. Both models come well equipped with items such as a seven-inch touchscreen, a rear-view camera, air-conditioning and LED daytime running lights.