Mercedes SLK cabriolet

The Mercedes SLK is a premium roadster and a slightly more exclusive rival to cars like the BMW Z4 and Audi TT. It features a sleek, sporty design that gives it plenty of head-turning appeal, while the interior is luxurious and high quality. Thanks to a driving mode system that lets you switch between the standard suspension and a more sporty setting, the SLK excels as both a comfortable cruiser and as a racier performance car.

There's a wide range of powerful engines, including – for the first time ever on an SLK – a diesel engine that offers economy of over 50mpg. The folding metal roof is superbly designed and can be fitted with Magic Sky Control, which lets you adjust the level of transparency depending on the conditions. So you can have it darker in the summer to keep the interior cooler, and lighter in the winter so it feels a little airier. Overall, the SLK is an extremely desirable and capable roadster.