Smart ForTwo micro car

For a long time, the Smart ForTwo (sometimes known as the Smart car) was by far the smallest car on sale in the UK. But with other micro cars and electric “cars” like the Renault Twizy now zipping about towns and cities (who would drive one in the countryside?), the Smart is not the novelty it once was. If you purely drive in the city, then it is still a good choice and the new model's looks remain distinct, still bringing a smile to people's faces. Then there are it's tiny dimensions, which make it beyond easy to park – in fact, because it's as wide as it is long, you can even park at right angles to the kerb or side on in tight parking bays. Running costs and emissions are both low, too. The trade off inevitably is the total lack of space – the ForTwo just isn’t designed for anything other than A to B city urban motoring. If you plan to use the motorway or large A-roads regularly, you’d be much better off with the slightly larger (and, interestingly, cheaper) Hyundai i10 or Toyota iQ, which are much more capable at higher speeds. But if you must go smart, we’d suggest the Electric Drive EV model, because while its range isn’t great, it plays up the car's existing strengths as a city runabout. The Smart ForTwo is available in three specifications – entry-level pulse, mid-range passion and top-of-the-range BRABUS Xclusive.