Volkswagen Scirocco coupe

The Volkswagen Scirocco competes with coupes such as the Peugeot RCZ and Audi TT, although its more upright body shape means that it is more practical than both. The downside is that the VW arguably can’t match either the Audi or Peugeot for looks, but as with any car, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Volkswagen has developed a name for its self as a builder of excellent interiors and the Scirocco keeps that reputation intact thanks to the use of high-quality plastics, and a logical dashboard layout.

The Scirocco comes with a decent level of standard spec and buyers choose between models including the basic Scirocco, Scirocco GT, Scirocco R-Line and Scirocco GTS.

There are plenty of engines to pick from, too, ranging from relatively frugal petrol engines to economical diesels. The range-topping VW Scirocco R has been discontinued in anticipation of an all-new model, but there are still plenty available on the used market.

If you want everything that the VW Golf offers in a smaller and more stylish package, the Scirocco could be the car for you.