Volvo C30 hatchback (2007-2012)

The Volvo C30 was aimed at younger drivers, with sleek looks, but comparitively slow sales meant Volvo dropped it from its new car range in 2012.

The Volvo badge added prestige over more traditional hatchback choices like the Ford Focus and Honda Civic, plus build quality was excellent with a well laid out interior. The downside is that the C30 makes sacrifices for its obvious style as it's not particularly practical and is only available with three doors. It makes up for these shortcomings with a good choice of engines and, when new, came with a competitive price tag compared to other upmarket hatchbacks.

The Volvo C30 was effectively replaced by the five door Volvo V40, which shares much of the C30's sharp looks, excellent fuel economy, and superb safety credentials. Read our review of the V40 on the Carbuyer Volvo reviews page

Here's what we thought about the car in 2013...