Car Buying Tips & Advice

Vauxhall OnStar: a guide for beginners

What is OnStar? Our guide to Vauxhall’s concierge service explains all.

Car problems: your questions answered

Buying, owning and selling cars should be painless. When it isn't, we step in. Read our most recent cases here

How to buy or transfer a personalised number plate

Treasured, cherished or vanity – whatever they’re called, personalised number plates are big business. We explain all you need to know.

Your motoring legal questions answered

Should I stop for an unmarked police car? Can I use my fog lights all year round? This, and other legal questions answered for motorists.

What's the best oil for my car?

How to choose the best engine oil and the correct grade of oil for your car.

Tyre speed rating and labelling guide

There’s a huge amount of information displayed on your tyre and on additional labelling provided by your retailer. We explain all.

Self-driving cars: all you need to know

We’re told they’re the future and that only legislation holds them back. But when will self-driving cars be a reality? Read on...

Car safety systems explained

Modern cars offer fantastic crash protection, but the sheer number of safety systems available can be bewildering. We explain all.

A guide to the Pass Plus scheme

The Pass Plus programme was set up to make new drivers safer on the road; it could also help you get cheaper car insurance.

Dash cams - what are they and how do they work?

More and more drivers are fitting dash cams to their cars. Our guide gives you the lowdown.