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Car problems: your questions answered

Buying, owning and selling cars should be painless. When it isn't, we step in. Read our most recent cases here

Motoring legal advice

Should I stop for an unmarked police car? Can I use my fog lights all year round? This, and other legal questions answered for motorists.

Used Audi A4 Buying Guide 2008-2015 (Mk4)

Still feeling modern, the Mk4 Audi A4 makes a stylish, high-quality used car choice

Used Volkswagen Polo Buying Guide 2011+ (MK5)

The Mk5 Volkswagen Polo is a practical used car buy with a premium feel

Used BMW X5 Buying Guide: 2007 -2014 (Mk3)

The Mk2 BMW X5 is one of the sportiest SUVs, and a great used buy if you find the right one.

MOT check: preparing your car

Want your car to pass its MoT first time? Read our list of things to check for a clean bill of motoring health

Used Audi Q3 Buying Guide: 2008- (Mk1)

The desirable Audi Q3 gives drivers what they want: an SUV seating position, together with a hatchback-like driving experience

Used Toyota Yaris Buying Guide: 2011-2015 (Mk3)

Toyota Yaris Mk3 is a reliable, practical small car, and now makes a good value used buy

Used Audi TT Buying Guide: 2006-2015 (Mk2)

Now more affordable than ever, the Mk2 Audi TT is still a stylish and user-friendly everyday sports car

Used Honda Civic Buying Guide: 2005-2012 (Mk8)

With good examples available at low prices, the unmistakable Mk8 Honda Civic still has much to recommend it