Car Buying Tips & Advice

Stopping distances explained

Stopping distances define how fast it’s safe to travel. We reveal all about one of the Highway Code’s most famous rules

Understanding car dealers: 10 tricks of the trade

Selling cars is a skilled profession. Our insider’s guide lets you in on the tactics and techniques dealers use to get you to buy.

What is horsepower?

Brake horsepower (bhp) is one of the most common units of measurement in the car world. But what exactly is it? Carbuyer explains…

What is torque?

It’s the invisible force that keeps our cars moving. We don’t mention it much, but what is torque? Carbuyer explains…

Car problems: your questions answered

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Car tax bands – guide to Vehicle Excise Duty and how much you have to pay

Car tax, road tax, Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) – call it what you will. Our guide explains all

Hire Purchase cars: still a sound proposition

Buying a car on a Hire Purchase agreement has fallen out of favour in the wake of popular PCP deals, but HP still has distinct advantages.

Used car finance - top tips

Used car finance deals are plentiful and varied, but which one is the best for you? Our guide explains all.

Buying a pre-registered car: Top tips

Pre-registered cars for sale offer a bargain route to new-car ownership

Driving test tips: how to get your driving licence

Our comprehensive guide will help you pass your practical driving test first time around