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Audi RS3 - Practicality & boot space

For a car as fast as the Audi RS3, practicality is good

Carbuyer Rating

3.9 out of 5

Practicality & boot space Rating

4.0 out of 5

Both versions of the RS3 should make for a practical high-speed family car, although the Sportback is a little more versatile than the Saloon.

Audi RS3 interior space & storage

Those seated in the front will find it hard to tell the Saloon and the Sportback apart. There’s ample space in which to stretch out and loads of support from the shapely wing-backed sports seats.

The rear of the Saloon is a little less generous in terms of headroom than the Sportback owing to its streamlined roofline. There’s no difference between the two for lateral space, though – two adults should be happy, but the central seat is best left for a small child or as a barrier space to prevent claustrophobia taking hold.

Interior storage is generous, with deep bins in all the doors, a large glovebox and a deep, lidded compartment between the front seats.

Boot space

It’s the relatively non-versatile boot of the RS3 Saloon that might put family buyers off in favour of the Sportback. The Saloon offers 315 litres of luggage room compared to the 335-litre Sportback – itself not a big variation. However, the Sportback can handle far bulkier items when the rear seats are down, swallowing up to 1,175 litres of cargo. Fold the seats down on the Saloon and you’ll only persuade 770 litres of luggage inside.


Audi doesn’t publish a maximum trailer weight limit for either version of the RS3, so it seems clear that using the RS3 for towing is not recommended.

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