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Porsche Taycan saloon - MPG, running costs & CO2

Efficient motors and fast charging but a steep asking price

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4.3 out of 5

MPG, running costs & CO2 Rating

4.5 out of 5

Fitting a large 93kWh battery pack and efficient motors has allowed Porsche to give the Taycan a comparable driving range to a hard-driven petrol sports car, of just under 300 miles. While topping it up still takes longer than filling up with fuel, the Taycan's clever electronics also means it can recharge at a very rapid rate; to 80% in around 20 minutes if you can find a compatible charger.

Porsche Taycan range & charging time

Porsche claims the 93kWh battery pack fitted in the Taycan can give the Turbo model a driving range of up to 279 miles. Go for the Turbo S and its extra performance means this drops slightly to 256 miles, but most drivers are unlikely to notice much difference between the two in normal driving. The 4S model with the bigger battery is the efficiency champion, as it’s said to manage up to 287 miles. It's not quite on par with the Tesla Model S Long Range, which can manage up to 375 miles, but should be enough to make long-distance drives bearable. It’s worth noting that cold weather may reduce the range to around 220 miles.

After more than 200 miles you're likely to need a break from driving, and Porsche's engineers have really concentrated on what happens when you plug the Taycan into the latest fast chargers. It's able to accept a power flow of up to 270kW, replenishing the battery pack from five to 80% in 23 minutes - the time it takes to grab a quick coffee or snack. It's also quicker than a Tesla Supercharger can currently manage, and should make road trips much easier. It's a real shame, however, that Porsche is charging £210 for a public charging cable. You'll also need to pay a further £294 for a 150kW on-board charge 'booster', otherwise the Taycan will only charge at 50kW at most DC public chargers.

Of course, such elite chargers are currently few and far between, and a more common 50kW charging post increases the wait to around 1.5 hours. An 11kW wallbox you can fit at home or the office can recharge the Taycan in around nine hours.

Insurance groups

Official insurance groups haven't been announced for the Taycan yet but we'd be amazed if it wasn't in group 50. All versions of the Tesla Model S find themselves in group 50, and even the cheaper Jaguar I-Pace with just over half the Taycan's power is in group 49.


The Taycan gets the same three-year warranty as other Porsche models but the battery pack is covered by its own eight-year warranty for added peace of mind. Porsche also guarantees it won't drop below 70% of its original capacity during that time.


Porsche hasn't yet confirmed how much Taycan servicing will cost but with no combustion engine, it should be more affordable than other models in Porsche's line-up to maintain. It's also likely Porsche will offer a monthly servicing plan to help owners budget for routine maintenance.

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