Citroen's cars offer style and comfort – and models like the Citroen C4 Cactus promise an enticing blend of both, coupled with plenty of space. Most Citroens are good value too, thanks to economical diesel engines and long lists of standard equipment. There's a wide dealer network and many dealer franchises are independently run. It's worth noting that Citroen has split out its DS-badged cars (DS 3, DS 4 and DS 5) into a separate brand, simply called DS. It's an effort to make those models feel more upmarket, but for now, at least, you're still be able to buy and service DS models at your local Citroen dealer.

  • Citroën C1

    The Citroen C1 is Citroen's version of the Toyota Aygo and Peugeot 108. It gets the same major mechanical parts, but offers a different front and rear look. The Citroen C1 is at home in the city where its tiny dimensions make it simple to park. The interior is basic, but cool looking and quite spacious for such a small car. It comes in both three and five-door bodystyles. Citroen offers three versions – Touch, Feel and Flair. All models get an MP3 stereo, central locking and USB port. You can also choose the C1 with a funky canvas roof that stretches the full length of the car.

    Citroen C1 hatchback

    3 & 5 Doors
    £8,495 - £12,550
    3.7 / 5
  • Citroën C3

    The Citroen C3 offers plenty of style and the most comfort of any car in the supermini class, Ford Fiesta and Volkswagen Polo included. The Citroen C3 hatchback comes as a five-door only and all Citroen C3s have a panoramic windscreen, which stretches back into the roof. The Citroen C3 doesn’t handle as well as the Ford Fiesta, and rear seat space is tight, but the interior quality is a huge step up from the last Citroen C3. The Airdream+ diesel is especially economical, returning 74.3mpg, but the best mix of value and performance is had from Citroen C3 VTR+ with the 1.4-litre petrol engine.

    Citroën C3 hatchback

    5 Doors
    £11,280 - £17,265
    2.5 / 5
  • Citroen C4 Cactus

    The Citroen C4 Cactus has eye-catching modern looks that give it the appearance of an SUV, although no models will be available with grippy four-wheel drive. Right from the start, Citroen wanted the Cactus to be cheap to run and to do this it has been designed to be very light, in fact it weighs 200kg less than the standard Citroen C4 that is roughly the same size. This, combined with frugal engines, means that all Cactus models can better 60mpg and cost no more than £20 per year to tax. The Citroen also has comfy suspension and much more interior space than similarly priced rivals such as the Nissan Juke.

    Citroen C4 Cactus SUV

    5 Doors
    £12,990 - £20,135
    5 / 5
  • Citroën Berlingo

    The Citroen Berlingo Multispace slots between the Citroen C3 Picasso and Citroen C4 Picasso, and is designed as a five-seater people carrier for those on a budget. Interior space is impressive, with a van-like cabin offering lots of room for people and luggage. The Citroen Berlingo transports passengers in comfort. However, the low purchase price does mean that many luxuries are optional extras. If you plan to regularly drive the car fully loaded, the smallest petrol engine is best avoided.

    Citroën Berlingo Multispace mini MPV

    5 Doors
    £13,605 - £18,975
    3 / 5
  • Citroën DS3

    The DS 3 is an upmarket small car, which is fun to drive, economical and stylish. A competitor to the MINI hatchback, it has a larger boot than the MINI and space for five passengers. Like the MINI, a huge range of colours and customisation options available inside and out, allowing DS 3 owners to create their own, potentially unique, car. The DS 3 used to be called the Citroen DS3, but it is now part of a standalone brand called DS. Despite the lack of a Citroen badge on the boot, you can still buy and maintain a DS at a Citroen dealer.

    Citroen DS3 hatchback

    3 Doors
    £13,995 - £25,495
    4 / 5
  • Citroen DS3 Cabrio convertible

    2 Doors
    £16,295 - £24,795
    3.3 / 5
  • Citroën C4

    The Citroen C4 is a comfortable small family hatchback aimed at rivalling the Peugeot 308 and Ford Focus. While it's not terribly exciting to drive, it is the most comfortable and most practical car in this class. Diesel versions offer the best economy, especially the micro-hybrid e-HDi model, but they do cost more in the first place. 

    Citroën C4 hatchback

    5 Doors
    £14,825 - £20,780
    3.1 / 5
  • Citroën C3 Picasso

    The Citroen C3 Picasso is only a little longer than a conventional supermini, but has loads more space inside thanks to a high roofline. Seats, which split and fold to accommodate more luggage or passengers as necessary, are easy to adjust. The Citroen C3 Picasso is built for comfort, so the soft suspension means it rolls a bit in corners, but rides very comfortably. The Citroen C3 Picasso isn’t cheap, but does come with lots of equipment as standard, particularly in mid-range VTR+ spec, which is the one to go for.

    Citroën C3 Picasso mini MPV

    5 Doors
    £16,225 - £18,290
    2.7 / 5
  • Citroen C-Zero

    The electrically powered Citroen C-Zero is a tweaked and rebadged version of Mitsubishi's i-MiEV, and is one the first all-electric models from Citroen to go on sale in the UK. To distinguish it from the Mitsubishi, it's fitted with new front and rear bumpers, as well as an ESP system to boost safety. Plus, the Citroen C-Zero has a more simple gearbox offering only park, reverse and drive modes, doing away with the Mitsubishi i-MiEV's economy and performance settings. Power comes from a 64bhp electric motor located at the rear and there's powerful battery pack under the floor - which will carry you up to 93miles. Keyless go is standard so, as long as the fob is in your pocket, all you have to do is turn a switch on the steering column and a beep tells you the car is ready to go. Slot the shift lever into ‘Drive’ and the Citroen C-ZERO moves off, accompanied only by a muted swish of tyres on tarmac.

    Citroen C-Zero micro car

    5 Doors
    2 / 5
  • Citroen DS4 hatchback

    5 Doors
    £19,595 - £25,595
    3.1 / 5
  • Citroën C4 Picasso

    The Citroen C4 Picasso is a brilliant people carrier that comes in two versions. The normal Citroen C4 Picasso has space for five, while the longer Grand Picasso is a seven-seater with two extra chairs that fold out of the boot floor. Both versions are extremely practical, with lots of storage space, comfortable seats and big boots. The Citroen C4 Picasso has a well-built interior that features lots of standard equipment, even on the basic VTR model. Diesel engines are best if you travel long distances, as the petrol engines use much more fuel.

    Citroen C4 Picasso MPV

    5 Doors
    £19,635 - £27,660
    4.4 / 5
  • Citroen Grand C4 Picasso MPV

    5 Doors
    £21,935 - £29,360
    4.8 / 5
  • Citroen DS5

    The DS 5 sits in a class of its own. It's somewhere between an estate, a hatchback and an MPV, providing a spacious cabin, high-up driving position and stylish design. It looks like a Citroen, but it's in fact a model from the firm's sister brand DS. That flags it as a more upmarket model compared to Citroen's usual fare.

    The interior is one of the most stylish in this price bracket and build quality feels top-notch, too. Engine choices range from an entry-level diesel to a range-topping all-wheel-drive diesel-electric hybrid with 200bhp.

    Citroen DS5 hatchback

    5 Doors
    £26,350 - £35,370
    3 / 5
  • Citroën C5

    The Citroen C5 helped re-establish Citroen's credentials as a maker of quality cars. Its interior, which features lots of standard equipment, was the best for quality and luxury ever seen in a Citroen when the car launched in 2008. The Citroen C5 is also very spacious and comfortable, and beats the Ford Mondeo and Vauxhall Insignia for the smoothness of its suspension and ride. Both saloon or Tourer estate models are available and they offer stylish looks and plenty of space, and are very relaxing to drive. The HDi diesel engines are best, and good discounts are available from Citroen dealers.

    Citroën C5 saloon

    4 Doors
    2.6 / 5
  • Citroen Dispatch Combi

    The Citroen Dispatch Combi is a multi-purpose vehicle designed to carry up to nine people in comfort. Twin sliding doors provide great access while the spacious cabin make it a popular choice with taxi drivers and large families.

    Citroen Dispatch mpv

    5 Doors
    1.5 / 5