Car Buying Tips & Advice

Guide to UK car registration plates

With the 66 plate release date imminent, we examine the UK’s number-plate system.

What makes a car good to drive?

Car reviews often make reference to a car being ‘good’ or ‘enjoyable’ to drive, but what does this actually mean?

Used Dacia Duster buying guide: 2012-present (Mk1)

It’s easy to be distracted by the Dacia Duster’s price, but dig deeper and you’ll find an appealing SUV that makes a great used buy.

Car problems: your questions answered

Buying, owning and selling cars should be painless. When it isn't, we step in. Read our most recent cases here

Used Audi A3 Buying Guide: 2012-present (Mk5)

The Audi A3 is a sleek, well-made and stylish premium family hatchback that makes a great secondhand buy.

Used Range Rover Buying Guide: 2002-2013 (Mk3)

The Range Rover is one of the most desirable cars on sale today and the previous generation is now something of a used bargain

Used VW Golf Buying Guide: 2004-08 (Mk5); 2009-13 (Mk6)

The Volkswagen Golf is a great secondhand car thanks to its hatchback practicality, rock-solid build quality and sophisticated image.

Used BMW X3 buying guide: 2010-present (Mk2)

SUV looks and practicality combined with an enjoyable driving experience make the BMW X3 a great used buy.

Used Skoda Yeti buying guide (2009-present)

Attractively priced, the Skoda Yeti is hard to ignore as a versatile used SUV choice

Used Audi Q5 buying guide (2009-present)

Aspirational, stylish and high-quality, the Audi Q5 now looks good value