Car Buying Tips & Advice

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How the Calais migrant crisis affects cross-Channel travellers between the UK and Calais

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A healthy engine is an efficient engine. We take you through some practical maintenance tips that can reduce your car’s running costs.

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Car servicing should never be ignored. We explain the benefits of using a main dealer and how to get the best deal.

The real cost of a full service history (sponsored)

Discover how you could lose out if you fail to maintain your car’s full main dealer service history

Vauxhall OnStar: a beginner's guide

What does OnStar do? Our FAQ guide to the new connected car service from Vauxhall and General Motors

Used car finance - top tips

Car supermarkets, approved used, personal loans and more - what are the options?

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Brokers can be a cheap way to buy cars on the second-hand market. Carbuyer has the following tips

Used cars under £6,000 - where to find them and what to look for

Spending a set amount of cash on the used car market can get you more car for your money

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What is a 'Cat D' car? What about 'Cat C'? Should you buy a Cat D write-off? We reveal all in our tips and advice.