Austrian firm KTM is more famous for building rugged, off-road motorbikes than cars. The X-Bow has no doors or a roof, lightweight body and features a powerful 237bhp Audi engine, so motorcyclists will feel right at home behind the wheel.

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    The KTM X-Bow is a lightweight, two-seater sports car designed to offer the ultimate in sensory driving experiences. To that end, the X-Bow has no doors, windscreen or roof, just like the Ariel Atom. Power comes from a 237bhp 2.0-litre engine from the Audi TT, and gives impressive performance. Buyers can choose either a six-speed manual, or six-speed DSG gearbox. Build quality is first rate too, although many of the X-Bow's features have to be added from the options list, making it a very expensive track day toy.

    KTM X-BOW cabriolet

    0 Doors
    2.2 / 5