Mazda5 MPV

Price  £20,495 - £21,895

Mazda5 MPV

reviewed by Carbuyer

  • Big, versatile cabin
  • Lots of luggage space
  • Comfortable ride
  • Confusing dashboard
  • Divisive styling
  • Small middle seat

You have to give Mazda credit for trying to make a people carrier look even a little bit sporty. Mazda has clearly made a real effort to get the 5 MPV stand out from rivals such as the Ford C-MAX, but it must be said that the results are decidedly mixed. But, if you can see past the quirky wavy lines that flow their way along the bodywork (inspired by water, wind and nature, don’t you know), you’ll find that the 5 is in fact a very sensible people carrier, with smartly designed flexible folding seating that has multiple possible arrangements. There's a set of very convenient electric sliding doors and a ride that stays smooth and comfortable on any road surface you may encounter. You get a big boot, but it's not a true seven seater, with the seventh spot – in the middle of the second row - really only usable for small children. However, the 5's compact dimensions make it a doddle to park and drive through urban streets. It's a well built, practical and functional family car.