Nissan 370Z coupe

£27,860 - £38,050

On the face of it, the Nissan 370Z is a low-slung, two-door coupe with a powerful engine that stands toe-to-toe with the Porsche Cayman and Audi TT. In reality, it's more of a brawny muscle car than either, so it has a very different appeal. Under the long bonnet sits a 322bhp, 3.7-litre V6 petrol engine, capable of catapulting the sports car from 0-62mph in just 5.3 seconds – and that's just the standard version.

The faster Nissan 370Z Nismo ups the power to 339bhp and cuts a tenth of a second from the 0-62mph time. With additional bodystyling and a tweaked suspension setup, it's just that little bit more single-minded as a performance car. And so it should be, with a £10,000 price hike over the basic model. There's also a 370Z GT model, which has a range of extra kit, such as a Bose stereo.

On the road, the 370Z demands your attention, skill and commitment, but will reward all three with huge performance and the kind of handling that leaves you exhilarated at your destination. But at normal speeds, it's not a particularly tricky or intimidating car to drive.