Peugeot 2008

The Peugeot 2008 supermini crossover is a direct rival for the Nissan Juke and Renault Captur. The Peugeot 208-based 4x4 has a distinctive look and raised ride height, while black plastic bumpers and sills will help deflect any scrapes. The boxy body is based on a stretched Peugeot 208 platform, so there will be more space inside, while large windows and a panoramic sunroof will make the interior feel spacious. Power comes from Peugeot's range of turbo petrol and diesel engines, while e-HDi diesel models will have emissions of 99g/km.

Peugeot 2008 SUV

£13,195 - £20,045
5 Doors
3.7 / 5
  • Economical engine options
  • Comfortable ride
  • Lots of space and a big boot
  • Not much fun to drive
  • Two-wheel drive only
  • Slow petrol engines

The Peugeot 2008 is a small SUV model designed to take on the Nissan Juke and Vauxhall Mokka. There are no four-wheel drive variants available so proper off-roading is out of the question, but the chunky design and high driving position help boost space and visibility over the 208 supermini on which it's based.

There's something for everyone in the engine line-up, but we’d recommend the 1.6-litre e-HDi diesel for its excellent 70.4mpg fuel economy and cheap road tax. This engine also feels most at home on the motorway, where it's very quiet. The 2008 is practical and has a stylish interior, with a grown-up feel.