Renault Megane Coupe

Price  £18,250 - £28,930

Renault Megane Coupe

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  • Comfortable
  • Excellent build quality
  • Quick Renaultsport version
  • Small rear windows
  • Not as practical as rivals
  • Confusing specifications

At a glance

The greenest
GT Line Nav dCi 110 3dr £22,445
The cheapest
Dynamique Nav 1.6 110 3dr £18,250
The fastest
Renaultsport 275 S/S Trophy 3dr £28,930
Top of the range
Renaultsport 275 S/S Trophy 3dr £28,930

"The Renault Megane Coupe is a sporty three-door hatch that has an improving reputation for quality and reliability."

The Renault Megane Coupe has the same name as the five-door Renault Megane and they share a lot of parts, but that's where the similarities end. The coupe is a rival for the likes of the Volkswagen Scirocco, Hyundai VelosterSEAT Leon SC and Vauxhall Astra GTC, so it's sleeker and sportier than the more practical five-door. Both cars have the same dashboard layout, as well offering undeniably improved interior quality compared to Renaults of old, which raises the coupe's game.

The Renault Megane Coupe comes in three main specifications: entry-level Expression+, mid-range Dynamique TomTom and top-of-the-range GT Line. There have been a handful of special editions, including the Knight Edition, while a 2012 update added some extra features, including daytime running lights and new black trim.

There's also a the sporty GT 220 trim, which uses a 220bhp Renaultsport engine and uprated chassis, steering and brakes to make affordable Renaultsport performance.

MPG, running costs & CO2

3.6 / 5

Mid-range diesel engines offer best mix of pace and economy

The Megane Coupe's 90bhp 1.5-litre dCi diesel fitted with stop-start technology is the most efficient engine on offer, returning a claimed 80.7mpg and emitting only 90g/km of CO2, so road tax is free. Every engine in the range is pretty economical, but we'd suggest you avoid the basic 1.6-litre petrol engine, which only returns 40.9mpg and emits 159g/km of CO2, so it'll cost you £175 a year to tax.

The GT 220 trim offers 39mpg economy and 160g/km of CO2 emissions in exchange for its decent performance. Everything else easily clears 50mpg and emits less than 125g/km of CO2, so you won't pay a fortune to run any Megane Coupe. You also get Renault’s excellent 4+ after-sales package, which includes fours years of servicing, breakdown assistance, warranty and financing.

Engines, drive & performance

3.9 / 5

Sharp handling backs up coupe's sporty looks

The Megane Coupe has sportier suspension than the standard five-door car, so while it's less forgiving on rough roads, handling and steering are better then for the standard car. The smaller engines on offer – the 1.5-litre dCi 86 diesel and 1.6-litre VVT 100 petrol – feel underpowered and slow, but the remaining engines in the range are powerful enough to make the Megane a nippy performer.

The GT 220 version is faster still, with a 0-62mph time of 7.6 seconds and a top speed of 149mph. It's not as much fun to drive as a dedicated sports coupe like the Subaru BRZ and if you're really interested in speed, you're better off looking at the Renaultsport Megane high-performance model, which is one of the most exciting cars to drive at any price. The GT 220 is still entertaining, though, with firmer suspension, tweaked steering and lively performance.

Interior & comfort

3.1 / 5

The Megane Coupe transmits a lot of bumps and vibrations inside

The Megane Coupe is generally quite comfortable to ride in – but you do feel more jolts and vibrations than in the standard five-door hatchback thanks to a stiffer suspension set-up – and the springs are even firmer on the GT 220. Wind, tyre and engine noise are all kept to a minimum, however, even at motorway speeds.

But the back seats are pretty cramped due to the coupe's sleek lines, and the small rear windows don't let much light in. This leaves the interior feeling a bit dark and claustrophobic.

On the plus side, the front seats are spacious, with a decent driving position, good visibility and the pedals, steering wheel and seat all offering comprehensive adjustment.

Practicality & boot space

2.5 / 5

Boot space is reasonable, but difficult to access thanks to a narrow opening

The Renault Megane Coupe has nearly 30 litres less boot space than the standard car, offering 344 litres in total. This expands to a reasonable 991 litres when you lower the standard split-folding rear seats, although they're a bit fiddly to operate.

The other problem is that the Megane Coupe's boot space isn't as useful as the five-door's, because the hatchback opening is too narrow and there's a high load lip that makes it hard to lift heavy items into the boot. Anyone sitting in the back will find things a bit cramped, while there isn't much storage space inside the car, either.

It’s not that the Megane Coupe is impractical – it's just that it's no better in this respect than any other three-door coupe. If practicality is at all important to you and you simply have to have a Megane, we'd recommend the five-door hatchback.

Reliability & safety

2.2 / 5

The Megane has performed reasonably well in our Driver Power satsifaction survey

The good news for anyone thinking about buying a Megane Coupe is that Renault's poor repuation for reliability is rapdily becoming a thing of the past. It was one of the most improved performers in the Driver Power 2013 customer satisfaction survey, climbing six places up the manufacturer rankings to 21st place.

That improvement was thanks in large part to the Megane, which feels like a quality product from the moment you climb inside. The Megane itself has performed reasonably if somewhat unevenly in Driver Power over the last few years – moving from 31st in 2012 to 20th in 2013 and down to 92nd in 2014.

Safety has always been one of Renault's biggest selling points and the Megane hatchback was originally awarded the maximum five-star safety rating in Euro NCAP crash tests. Since then, however, it's been downgraded to three stars, as Euro NCAP felt the car didn't warn the driver sufficiently if the rear-seat passengers weren't wearing their seatbelts. The testing body said that with improvements to this system, the Megane could score four stars.

Standard safety equipment includes front, side and curtain airbags, electronic stability control and selt belt pre-tensioners. Renault has made safety a priority for many years now, so you can rest assured that the Megane Coupe will protect you if you're involved in an accident.

Price, value for money & options

3.2 / 5

Coupe costs more than the five-door, but should hold its value better

Most car manufacturers charge you more money for more doors – but not Renault. The French brand has decided to make the three-door coupe version of the Megane more expensive than the five-door, which is a bit cheeky considering that it's not any better than the standard car.

However, the coupe will likely enjoy stronger resale values on the used-car market – especially if it's a high-performance Renaultsport model. All Megane Coupes are well equipped with a range of accessories, including air-conditioning as standard. TomTom models also have integrated sat nav, which is easy to use and handy if you get lost. The GT 220 gets a sporty bodykit, carbon-fibre detailing and sports seats.

What the others say

3.7 / 5
based on 3 reviews
4 / 5
If you crave a harcore hot hatch then get the Renaultsport version, or get yourself an R26 verion of the outgoing model, but for most people the coupe offers plenty of usable performance without compromising on space or comfort. A great warm hatch.
3 / 5
The Megane Coupe is keenly priced, looks great and comes well equipped. It handles well too and is available with some fine engines. But rear-seat head- and legroom are poor, and the ride is very firm compared to the best in the class.
4 / 5
The Megane Coupe has a much sleeker appearance than the hatchback and enough appeal to turn heads of owners of the Hyundai Coupe and perhaps even the Volkswagen Scirocco. However, it still has enough practicality to attract interest from buyers who want a car that looks good and is more useful than traditional coupes.
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31 Mar 2015
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