Toyota iQ city car

The Toyota IQ was launched in 2008 and caused quite a stir at the time thanks to its ability to offer (just about) enough space for four people, in a car that was only marginally bigger than a Smart ForTwo. The Toyota was designed with the city in mind and its mini dimensions make it ideal for negotiating through heavy city traffic.

As you would expect, the IQ comes with a choice of two extremely economical petrol engines – a 1.0-litre and a 1.3-litre, which are fine in town. The smaller engine will feel slow on the motorway, though.

Toyota markets the IQ as a premium small hatchback, so it's quite expensive, but even the basic IQ1 comes with air-conditioning and alloy wheels, further up the range is the IQ2 and IQ3. Aston Martin even based its small city car – the Aston Martin Cygent – on the IQ, which gives you an idea how well thought of IQs are.