New MINI Cooper 2014 engines, specs and prices

Article Richard Ingram
Mar 15, 2014

Prices for the new MINI will start at £13,750 when it goes on sale later this year

Full prices have been released for the new MINI range, with the MINI hatchback starting from £13,750 for the new MINI One, rising to £14,890 for the new MINI One D diesel. The new MINI Cooper starts at £15,300 or £16,450 for the new MINI Cooper D diesel. The top-of-the-range MINI Cooper S is priced from £18,650.

Details of the new MINI 2014

The new MINI may be an all-new car, but it looks incredibly similar to the model it replaces. Changes include rounder headlights, LED daytime running lights, and larger rear lights that look similar to the ones fitted to the MINI Countryman SUV.

While the new model is still called the MINI, it is actually quite a bit larger – it's wider, longer and taller than the car it replaces. That means that space has increased inside and the front seats now have a wider range of adjustment, while the boot – which was annoyingly small in the old car – is 30 per cent bigger, at 211 litres.

Release dates for the new MINI 2014 range

Although the car will not reach showrooms until later in the spring, we can expect MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper S models to be delivered to their new owners by the middle of summer.

Prices and specs for the new MINI

Prices start from £13,750 for the MINI One, while the MINI One D costs £14,890. The MINI Cooper represents the mid-range model and costs £15,300 fitted with a petrol engine, or £16,450 in diesel form. The MINI Cooper S will be the range-topping model from launch – costing £18,650, for the basic version.

As before, the MINI will be highly customisable with items ranging from contrasting white or black painted roofs (no-cost options), to coloured wing mirrors, and a rear spoiler. The new model will also be available with five new colours.

The new MINI Cooper S now costs about £1,000 more than the old model, but is both faster and more economical. The range will be topped later in the year by the even faster MINI Cooper John Cooper Works.

The interior matches the exterior, in as much as this is still very obviously a MINI. As before, the most prominent feature is the centrally-mounted oversized dial, which now houses the car's infotainment system, which relays everything from the stereo controls to the parking sensors. It also features colour LEDs that act as a visual aid to some of the controls – such as the sat-nav. Owners can also set the car up in three different modes – Sport, Mid, or Green – that alter the setup of the car, for sporty or economical driving. New owners can also opt for an 8.8-inch screen, with sat-nav, the price of which has yet to be revealed.

The new MINI will be available with a raft of safety features – an autonomous-braking system, which will warn of (and attempt to prevent) potential collisions. Parking assist, which can park the car for you, and the MINI will also be available with self-dipping headlights. We have every confidence that the new MINI will achieve the full five stars, when it is tested for safety by Euro NCAP.

New Mini engine range

The MINI will come with a choice of extremely frugal petrol and diesel engines. The new MINI One can be had with either a 1.2-litre petrol – that can manage 61.4mpg, emissions of 108g/km, and 0-60mph in 9.9 seconds – or a 1.5-litre diesel. The diesel is even more economical, with 83.1mpg possible and emissions of 89g/km, for free annual road tax.

The MINI Cooper gets 134bhp courtesy of a 1.5-litre petrol engine, which gets it from 0-62mph in just 7.9 seconds and has a top speed of 130mph, but can still return an impressive 62.8mpg. The MINI Cooper D, meanwhile, is capable of 80.7mpg and emissions of just 98g/km, meaning it also qualifies for free road tax. The MINI Cooper S will be the fastest launch model, powered by a 2.0-litre petrol engine, with 189bhp, which can dispatch 0-60mph in less than six seconds.

All MINIs can be specced with either a six-speed manual, or a six-speed automatic gearbox.

Find out more about all the models in the current MINI range, by visiting the Carbuyer MINI reviews page.

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Yikes thats butt ugly! My current Cooper S Works is way nicer. Guess I won't be getting tempted to stay with Mini thats easy to say! Horrible... maybe they should have done some market testing...

As standard, the new MINI comes with a six-speed manual gearbox. This has a trick new feature as standard – rev-matching downshifts: go down through the gears and the electronics will adjust the engine speed to match the next gear to be selected. This makes the drive smoother and more progressive.

Cant wait for it to arrive in my showroom next year right in front of my desk! Im sure all you MINI loves out there will be loving it once you get your hands on it. Looking forward to my new demo whoop whoop!!!!!!!

With each incarnation, the BMW Mini becomes even uglier. There must come a time when this will be impossible. Issigonis would be turning in his grave . . .

About time the name Mini was removed under the trades description act! Countryman is hideous now, and none are in any way "mini". "Plumpi" maybe?

He's spinning so fast he'd take of if he wasnt encased. The ugly duckling just got uglier. It looks about as attractive as those hideously fashionable Ugg clodhopper from downunder and that is why it will be a huge success, the girls will love it.

Love my 10 year old Mini Cooper S and wouldn't swap it for this!

Originally one of the great 'copies' of an icon just like the VW Beetle. Successive revamps just move further away. We now have an ugly lump of a car with an interior that is cheap looking, messy and more akin to a Fisher Price toy. Every revamp appears to glue more bits to the outside. What a pity.

just ordered mine!!!

I actually think that the Cooper is the most attractive variant within the lineup. Actually I think the 2014 Cooper is the best looking Mini to date. BMW have done a great job in reinventing the concept and it has arguably moulded modern pop culture significantly.

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