Toyota GT 86 coupe

£22,700 - £28,650

The Toyota GT 86 won Carbuyer's Best Coupe award in 2014 thanks to its precise handling, responsive brakes and traditional coupe appeal. Its sleek styling makes you want to drive it rather than look at it and it doesn’t disappoint once you get behind the wheel.

The GT 86 was developed in collaboration with Subaru in an attempt to add excitement to the Toyota range and improve the brand's 'dependable but dull' image. It offers great driving fun as well as excellent value for money.

Priced from around £22,000, it's targeted squarely at buyers who in the past would have chosen the Audi TT. It may not match the TT for style, out-and-out pace or fuel economy, and it's not as muscular as the Nissan 370Z, but the GT 86 still turns plenty of heads. And what its interior lacks in quality and cutting-edge design, it more than makes up for with good standard kit and accessories.

The GT 86 is available with either a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic gearbox (go for the manual), but there's also its near-identical sister car, the Subaru BRZ, to consider. The BRZ is actually better equipped for the same price, so buyers have the option of choosing which dealer they’d prefer to buy from and which badge they’d like on the bonnet.

The Toyota's interior isn’t the best on the coupe market, with the inside of a Volkswagen Scirocco and Audi TT easily bettering it when it comes to design and material quality. It's not as practical as these cars, either, while its only available engine (a 2.0-litre petrol) is less efficient than those in rivals.

However, the Toyota GT 86 is still a very attractive proposition to a buyer looking for a car that's lots of fun to drive and a little different to more common coupes.

Our recommendation would be the mid-range GT 86 trim, as it comes with almost all the standard equipment you could ever want. The car is quicker and more fun to drive with the manual gearbox, so we’d go for that rather than the automatic.