Volvo C30 hatchback (2007-2012)

Volvo C30 hatchback (2007-2012)

reviewed by Carbuyer

  • Stylish, distinctive
  • Excellent safety
  • Build quality and cabin are superb
  • No longer on sale
  • Ride can be firm at low speeds
  • Only four-seats and a small boot

"The Volvo C30 looks great and has superb build quality, but it has a small boot and only three doors."

The Volvo C30 was aimed at younger drivers, with sleek looks, but comparitively slow sales meant Volvo dropped it from its new car range in 2012.

The Volvo badge added prestige over more traditional hatchback choices like the Ford Focus and Honda Civic, plus build quality was excellent with a well laid out interior. The downside is that the C30 makes sacrifices for its obvious style as it's not particularly practical and is only available with three doors. It makes up for these shortcomings with a good choice of engines and, when new, came with a competitive price tag compared to other upmarket hatchbacks.

The Volvo C30 was effectively replaced by the five door Volvo V40, which shares much of the C30's sharp looks, excellent fuel economy, and superb safety credentials. Read our review of the V40 on the Carbuyer Volvo reviews page

Here's what we thought about the car in 2013...

MPG, running costs & CO2

4 / 5

Diesels are cheap to run; fun petrol cars are thirsty

The DRIVe 1.6 diesel is extremely economical, returning 74.3mpg, while CO2 emissions of 99g/km mean road tax is free. Not much more costly to run is the 114bhp 1.6 diesel, with road tax at £30 a year. The 2.0-litre diesels return 55.4mpg and emit 134g/km, while the 1.6 petrol averages 40.4mpg and 167g/km. You get 37.2mpg and 177g/km with the 2.0-litre petrol, in which case road tax goes up to £200 a year. The 2.5-litre R-Design is fast but not cheap, returning 32.5mpg and emitting a hefty 203g/km, so road tax hits £235. However,strong resale values make the C30 a safe investment.

Engines, drive & performance

3.9 / 5

Precise and composed on winding roads

The C30 has a vast range of engines. The 1.6 and 2.0-litre petrol engines need to be worked hard and aren’t as good as the diesels. And while the 2.5-litre petrol turbo Polestar has 257bhp and is very quick, it's only available in the top spec T5 R-Design. The 1.6-litre diesel comes with 108bhp or 114bhp. Neither is particularly fast, but they’re both smooth and cheap to run. Go for the 2.0-litre diesel tuned to 148bhp or 175bhp for punchy performance. The C30 feels composed on twisty roads and the steering is weighty but precise. The driving position is quite low, which adds to the sporty feel.

Interior & comfort

3.9 / 5

The ride feels quite bumpy at low speeds

The ride is bumpy at low speeds, but improves the faster you go. Overall, the Volvo is a comfortable long-distance companion. The seats are firm, however, and there's a little wind noise from around the mirrors at cruising speeds. The petrol engines and the 1.6-litre diesel are quiet, but the 2.0-litre diesel does rattle at low speeds.

Practicality & boot space

3.8 / 5

The boot is large, but access is limited

Practicality isn’t the C30's strong point, as it's built for style not versatility. The boot is quite large, at 539 litres, but there's no centre rear seat, so the Volvo is a strict four-seater. The boot is difficult to access thanks to its small opening and high, sloping sides. There's a central storage area, which is handy, but the door pockets are slim and there are few other storage spaces around the interior.

Reliability & safety

4.1 / 5

Good reputation and lots of safety equipment

Volvo is famed for its safety record, and the C30 lives up to that reputation. It has a five-star Euro NCAP rating and has front, side and curtain airbags as standard, plus whiplash protection, electronic stability control and a side impact protection system. Blind-spot indicators are available, while Bluetooth costs extra. Volvo's Intelligent Driver system stops non-essential calls coming through when the car is accelerating or braking heavily, to avoid distraction. Build quality rivals BMW and Audi, while Volvo came 10th in the 2012 manufacturers’ chart of Auto Express Driver Power satisfaction survey.

Price, value for money & options

4 / 5

Good value compared to rivals

While the C30 isn’t especially cheap, next to premium rivals like the BMW 1 Series and Audi A3, it looks good value. Every model gets climate control, alloy wheels, electric front windows and an MP3-compatible stereo. SE spec adds cruise control, automatic wipers and 17-inch alloy wheels, while the SE Sport gets 18-inch alloys, a bodykit and a leather steering wheel. SE Lux versions come with leather, heated front seats, an electrically adjustable driver's seat and electric folding door mirrors. Topping the range is the R-Design, with an even sportier bodykit and lowered suspension as well as an optional power upgrade from Volvo’s performance partner, Polestar.

What the others say

3.4 / 5
based on 4 reviews
4 / 5
"The range will continue to include an eco-friendly DRIVe version, with a 1.6-litre diesel hooked up to a stop-start system. This promises 74mpg, CO2 emissions of only 99g/km and a £16,785 price tag, and should appeal to both private and business motorists."
3 / 5
"The C30 may be Volvo's smallest car, but that doesn't mean it has skimped on the interior fittings. The DRIVe model, however, is amazingly frugal when paired with Volvo's engine stop-start system. Resale values are pretty strong, too."
3.5 / 5
"It's comfortable on the move and refined with a high quality cabin plus there's a wide range of engines available including the sporty T5. The DRIVe range of 1.6-litre diesels launched late in 2008 results in low emissions and running costs."
12 / 20
"Fans of The Saint will recall that Volvo has some previous form in the area of impractical but cool small cars. Here's another. Looks great, carries nowt."
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15 Jul 2013
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