New Audi A4 2014: All you need to know

Article Sam Naylor
Sep 13, 2013
New audi a4 2014 picture

A new Audi A4 2014 is on the way, and it will be more efficient than ever

The new Audi A4 2014 is on the way, and is likely to be revealed at some point next year. The redesigned A4 will be lighter and therefore more efficient than the current model, as well as being better to drive – perhaps even rivaling the BMW 3 Series for driver enjoyment. The Audi A4 saloon will be the first car to be updated, but a fresh A4 Avant estate, Audi A5 coupe, A5 Sportback and A5 convertible will also be revealed before 2016.

The main thing to know about the new Audi A4 2014 is that it will be focused on improved efficiency and driver enjoyment, so it should prove to be even more of a contender to the BMW 3 Series’ crown as the best small executive car. Read on for everything else you need to know about the upcoming new Audi A4.

New Audi A4 2014 price and release date

The new Audi A4 is expected in 2014, with the Avant estate and A5 Coupe, Cabriolet and Sportback following before the end of 2016. The current Audi A5 is largely the same car as the A4 – it's based on the same engines and mechanical parts as the A4 but with a sleeker body style.

We expect the new Audi A4 to be priced slightly higher than the current model, meaning the enrty-level car should start from around £25,000. The new Audi A5 coupe should be priced similarly to the new BMW 4 Series coupe, with prices from around £30,000.

New Audi A4 2014 specs

The new car will be around 100kg lighter than the current model, meaning big gains in fuel economy, handling and performance. Pictures on our sister site Auto Express reveal that the new Audi A4 could have slimmer headlights, a larger front grille and distinctive creases down the side of the car.

It's likely that two hybrid engines will be available for the new A4, with the first being a front-wheel drive 2.0-litre petrol engine paired with an electric motor for improved efficiency. The other will use a petrol engine for the front wheels and two electric motors for the rear wheels, giving it four-wheel drive for improved handling.

The biggest sellers will likely be the tried and tested 1.8-litre and 2.0-litre TFSI petrol engines and a 2.0-litre TDI diesel. A faster S4 model should get a V6 engine with around 350bhpm while an extreme new Audi RS4 could get almost 500bhp. All engines should be available across the range.

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