Skoda Superb estate

Price  £19,815 - £34,575

Skoda Superb estate

reviewed by Carbuyer

  • Huge boot and interior
  • Bargain price tag
  • Interior build quality
  • High boot lip
  • Conservative styling
  • Could be more fun

The Skoda Superb estate takes the best of Skoda's range-topping model, and combines it with increased practicality and an enormous load area. It's just as comfortable and easy to drive, but offers 633 litres of boot space that expands to a vast 1,865 litres when the rear seats are folded down, beating all its rivals for storage capability. You also get a button that automatically opens the electrically powered bootlid, which is particularly handy when it is pouring with rain and you have your hands full. When you’re behind the wheel it feels no different to the hatchback, well built and comfortable, with lots of space for passengers. The Skoda Superb estate comes in four main specifications – entry-level S, SE, Elegance, and top-of-the-range Laurin & Klement.