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  • Luxurious inside
  • Fun to drive for a large SUV
  • Diesel engines mix power with economy
  • Not as spacious as the BMW X5
  • Ride is firm in sport mode
  • Expensive to buy

At a glance

The greenest
xDrive30d SE 5dr £51,810
The cheapest
xDrive30d SE 5dr £51,810
The fastest
xDrive50i SE 5dr £63,730
Top of the range
xDrive50i M Sport 5dr £67,860

"The BMW X6 keeps the old model's unique styling and excellent driving experience, but fuel economy has improved by up to 20% and the interior is more spacious compared to the old model."

When BMW showed the original BMW X6 at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2007, it was one of the first models to blend coupe-like looks with a raised SUV body. Even now, it only really has one direct rival – the Mercedes MLC. Buyers interested in the X6 should also consider the Porsche Cayenne and Range Rover Sport, as both blend SUV styling with a sporty drive.

BMW never meant the X6 to be a tough off-roader, and although its four-wheel-drive system is more sophisticated than the X5's, it's been set up to perform best on the road rather than off it. Taking account of the BMW's sizeable dimensions, it might be a surprise to learn that the SUV is a lot of fun to drive down twisting country back roads.

The excellent chassis is supported by the X6's superb engine range. It includes the powerful 50i petrol and a pair of diesels that blend strong performance with good fuel economy. BMW expects the entry-level 30d diesel to account for 80% of UK sales.

The X6 is bigger inside than the model it replaced and has a three-seat rear bench rather than the two individual back seats of the old version. Boot space has also increased, but if you want a load-lugging BMW SUV, the X5 is still the better bet.

It's not a cheap car, so to compensate the X6 has a huge options list that includes electric heated front seats, LED ambient interior lighting, a lane-departure warning system, plus a pedestrian and collision-warning system with autonomous braking. All X6s come with BMW's eCall system, which can automatically rely vital information to the emergency services after an accident.

Also standard is BMW's online service (giving passengers access to the internet), a voice-recognition system and sat nav. Trim levels include SE, xDrive50i SE, M Sport, M50d and the X6 M performance flagship.

MPG, running costs & CO2

2.9 / 5

Diesel BMW X6s offer surprising economy, but petrol engines' running costs are high

Engines, drive & performance

4.1 / 5

The BMW X6 rivals the Porsche Cayenne as a fun-to-drive SUV

Interior & comfort

4.1 / 5

Stiff suspension in Sport mode, but on the whole the BMW X6 is extremely comfortable

Practicality & boot space

3.6 / 5

The BMW X6 now has space for three in the back, plus a bigger boot

Reliability & safety

4.1 / 5

The BMW X6 offers excellent build quality and comes packed full of safety features

What the others say

4 / 5
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4 / 5
"We drive the V8-powered BMW X6 xDrive50i - currently the fastest and most expensive X6 you can buy."
4 / 5
"We drive the V8-powered BMW X6 xDrive50i - currently the fastest and most expensive X6 you can buy."
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18 Aug 2015
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