Kia Picanto hatchback

The Kia Picanto was one of the first of the new Korean cars that were good enough to compete with the best from Europe and Japan. It has cheeky looks and bright colours that mean the model can grab attention if you want it to, while the interior has been improved in the facelifted car.

The Picanto can be had with either three or five doors and the option of two very frugal petrol engines, which make it perfect for driving in the city. Picantos also come with decent levels of equipment, for the price, while Kia's excellent seven-year warranty offers unbeatable peace of mind.

Buyers can choose from the basic Picanto ‘1’, the next-model-up VR7, the mid-range Picanto ‘2’ or the top-of-the-range Picanto ‘3’. All models get electric windows, a trip computer and a stereo.