Volvo XC70 estate

Price  £34,670 - £41,435

Volvo XC70 estate

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  • Huge boot
  • Very comfortable
  • Impressive off-road ability
  • Quite expensive
  • Unexciting driving experience
  • Petrol engine is expensive to run

At a glance

“The Volvo XC70 is a fuss-free and rugged estate car. It’s capable off-road, hugely practical and luxurious all at the same time.”

The Volvo V70 estate has long been a beacon of Swedish sense and practicality, but if you need something a bit more rugged for muddy tracks and slippery conditions, there's the Volvo XC70. It's based on the V70, but has off-road additions including black plastic cladding on the bodywork, a raised ride height and the option of four-wheel drive. 

However, the XC70 drives just like the V70 estate on the road, which means it feels comfortable and refined, if a little unexciting. However, it’ll go further than most other estate cars when the weather takes a turn for the worse, which could seal the deal for people living in isolated areas or places particularly vulnerable to ice and snow. 

Inside, the XC70 is pure Volvo, with large, comfortable leather seats and an unfussy, high-quality dashboard. There's also lots of space for passengers and luggage – the boot is huge and well thought out. 

The XC70 is starting to feel its age, though. Its boxy design looks a little dated compared to the newer Audi A6 Allroad and latest Volkswagen Passat Alltrack, plus you can get similar cars for less money. Where the big Volvo will appeal to buyers is with its subtle, understated image, strong reliability and high-quality, spacious cabin. It’ll also be attractive to those who don’t want a full-size SUV or crossover.

If the Volvo XC70 is the car for you, the entry-level XC70 D4 SE costs just under £35,000, and it's an efficient and powerful engine. If you don’t need four-wheel drive, we’d recommend this version because of its impressive fuel economy of 64mpg. The cheapest model with four-wheel drive costs £38,550 – but at this price, there are better cars that do the same thing for less money.

MPG, running costs & CO2

2.6 / 5

Efficient diesel engines make the Volvo XC70 surprisingly cheap to run

Engines, drive & performance

2.4 / 5

The XC70 is a traditional Volvo estate, with a huge and well thought out boot

Interior & comfort

3.9 / 5

The Volvo XC70 has a comfortable ride and interior

Practicality & boot space

4 / 5

The XC70 is a traditional Volvo estate, with a huge and well thought out boot

Reliability & safety

4 / 5

Happy customers and lots of safety equipment in Volvo's favour

What the others say

3.1 / 5
based on 4 reviews
3 / 5
The XC70 is a toughened-up, quasi-off-road version of the V70 estate, whose beefed-up bumpers, raised ride height and accentuated foglights give it a unique appearance. Dark grey cladding on the flanks and silver underbody protectors at both ends add to the effect.
10 / 20
Volvo is renowned for its comfort, and that is borne out beautifully by the XC70, to the detriment of pretty much everything else. You can immerse yourself in the broad, bolstered seat, but finding a decent driving position is actually strangely hard.
3 / 5
Designed by Volvo in Sweden and built in Bridgend in Wales, the 3.2-litre naturally aspirated straight-six petrol engine is both powerful and compact, producing 238 PS and maximum torque of 320 Nm. The engine's aluminium block and head are structurally optimised to balance low weight and stiffness.
4 / 5
If you're after the added security and traction of four-wheel drive, but don't want a large off-roader, then the XC70 is an ideal compromise. It is essential the V70 estate, but with extra ground clearance, added body protection such as larger bumpers and (on the majority of models) an all-wheel drive system. This makes it ideal if you live in a rural area or regularly have to tow trailers or caravans.
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