BMW 5 Series saloon

£30,265 - £57,910

The BMW 5 series has been about since 1972 and is now in its sixth generation. In the past it has developed a reputation for being the best large executive car on the market thanks to excellent build quality, comfort and performance. The current model has just been treated to a mild facelift to give the car a fresher look.

With a huge range of engines on offer it should be easy to get a 5 Series that has the balance of performance and economy you are looking for. Even the 520d diesel (the most popular variant) is pretty quick for a basic model and can also get some impressive economy figures. There are more powerful diesels to choose from, too, and an excellent range of petrol engines, which culminate in the awesome BMW M5 performance saloon, a car that good touch 200mph if it wasn’t electronically limited. Buyers looking for extra grip can also spec the 5 Series with four-wheel drive.

Body styles range from the saloon to the BMW 5 Series Touring Estate and the five-door coupe, called the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo. Trim levels include SE, Modern, M Sport, and Luxury. All models get sat-nav, a leather interior, climate control, 17-inch alloy wheels, and a digital radio.