Renault Megane : Prices & Specs

"The Renault Megane Sport Tourer isn't overly sporty. This is an estate that prioritises practicality and comfort."

Renault Megane Play
1.3 TCE Play 5drPetrol51.4120 g/km9.8127 mph£19,580
1.3 TCE Play 5dr AutoPetrol51.4125 g/km9.9127 mph£21,180
1.5 Blue dCi 115 Play 5drDiesel64.2103 g/km11.4120 mph£21,280
1.5 Blue dCi 115 Play 5dr AutoDiesel64.2107 g/km10.9121 mph£22,880
Renault Megane Iconic
1.3 TCE Iconic 5drPetrol50.4124 g/km9.8127 mph£20,580
1.3 TCE Iconic 5dr AutoPetrol50.4128 g/km9.9127 mph£22,180
1.5 Blue dCi 115 Iconic 5drDiesel61.4107 g/km11.4120 mph£22,280
1.3 TCE Iconic 5drPetrol9.7127 mph£22,580
1.5 Blue dCi Iconic 5drDiesel11.4118 mph£23,880
1.5 Blue dCi 115 Iconic 5dr AutoDiesel61.4109 g/km10.9121 mph£23,880
1.3 TCE Iconic 5dr AutoPetrol10127 mph£24,180
1.5 Blue dCi Iconic 5dr AutoDiesel11.3118 mph£25,480
1.6 E-TECH PHEV 160 Iconic 5dr AutoHybrid Petrol9.8111 mph£30,295
Renault Megane GT Line
1.3 TCE GT Line 5drPetrol48.7127 g/km9.8127 mph£22,380
1.3 TCE GT Line 5dr AutoPetrol48.7131 g/km9.9127 mph£23,655
1.5 Blue dCi 115 GT Line 5drDiesel60.1110 g/km11.4120 mph£24,080
1.5 Blue dCi 115 GT Line 5dr AutoDiesel60.1111 g/km10.9121 mph£25,355
Renault Megane R.S.Line
1.3 TCE R.S.Line 5drPetrol9.7127 mph£24,580
1.5 Blue dCi R.S.Line 5drDiesel11.4118 mph£25,880
1.3 TCE R.S.Line 5dr AutoPetrol10127 mph£26,180
1.5 Blue dCi R.S.Line 5dr AutoDiesel11.3118 mph£27,480
1.6 E-TECH PHEV 160 R.S.Line 5dr AutoHybrid Petrol9.8111 mph£32,295

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