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Volkswagen Golf : Prices & Specs

"The eighth-generation Volkswagen Golf improves incrementally in most areas, but its new digital interior is far from perfect"

Volkswagen Golf Active
1.0 TSI Active 5drPetrol105 g/km10.2126 mph£25,875
1.5 TSI Active 5drPetrol116 g/km9.2133 mph£26,485
1.5 TSI 150 Active 5drPetrol117 g/km8.5139 mph£27,095
2.0 TDI Active 5drDiesel99 g/km10.2126 mph£27,500
1.0 eTSI Active 5dr DSGPetrol98 g/km10.2126 mph£27,795
1.5 eTSI Active 5dr DSGPetrol107 g/km9.4132 mph£28,405
1.5 eTSI 150 Active 5dr DSGPetrol107 g/km8.5139 mph£29,015
2.0 TDI Active 5dr DSGDiesel102 g/km10.4126 mph£29,020
Volkswagen Golf Life
1.0 TSI Life 5drPetrol105 g/km10.2126 mph£26,925
1.5 TSI Life 5drPetrol126 mph£27,005
1.5 TSI Life 5drPetrol116 g/km9.2133 mph£27,535
1.5 eTSI Life 5dr DSGPetrol107 g/km9.4132 mph£27,870
1.5 TSI 150 Life 5drPetrol139 mph£28,145
1.5 TSI 150 Life 5drPetrol117 g/km8.5139 mph£28,245
2.0 TDI Life 5drDiesel99 g/km10.2126 mph£28,530
1.0 eTSI Life 5dr DSGPetrol98 g/km10.2126 mph£28,845
1.5 eTSI 150 Life 5dr DSGPetrol139 mph£29,735
1.5 eTSI 150 Life 5dr DSGPetrolNot Available107 g/km8.5139 mph£30,065
2.0 TDI Life 5dr DSGDiesel102 g/km10.4126 mph£30,070
Volkswagen Golf Match
1.5 TSI Match 5drPetrol126 mph£27,180
1.5 TSI 150 Match 5drPetrol139 mph£28,320
1.5 eTSI 150 Match 5dr DSGPetrol139 mph£29,910
Volkswagen Golf Style
2.0 TDI Style 5drDiesel101 g/km10.2126 mph£28,780
1.5 TSI Style Edition 5drPetrol117 g/km9.2133 mph£29,035
1.5 TSI Style 5drPetrol117 g/km9.2133 mph£29,490
1.5 TSI 150 Style Edition 5drPetrol119 g/km8.5139 mph£29,745
1.5 TSI 150 Style 5drPetrol139 mph£29,805
2.0 TDI 150 Style 5drDiesel104 g/km8.8139 mph£30,000
1.5 TSI 150 Style 5drPetrol119 g/km8.5139 mph£30,200
1.5 eTSI Style 5dr DSGPetrol126 mph£30,255
2.0 TDI Style 5dr DSGDiesel104 g/km10.4126 mph£30,300
1.5 eTSI 150 Style 5dr DSGPetrol139 mph£31,395
1.5 eTSI Style 5dr DSGPetrol109 g/km9.4132 mph£31,410
1.5 eTSI 150 Style Edition 5dr DSGPetrol109 g/km8.5139 mph£31,565
1.5 eTSI 150 Style 5dr DSGPetrol109 g/km8.5139 mph£32,020
2.0 TDI 150 Style 5dr DSGDiesel103 g/km8.4139 mph£33,245
1.4 TSI eHybrid Style 5dr DSGHybrid PetrolNot Available28 g/km7.4137 mph£37,040
Volkswagen Golf R-Line
1.5 TSI R-Line 5drPetrol117 g/km9.2133 mph£30,135
1.5 eTSI R-Line 5dr DSGPetrol109 g/km9.4132 mph£30,235
1.5 TSI 150 R-Line 5drPetrol119 g/km8.5139 mph£30,845
1.5 eTSI 150 R-Line 5dr DSGPetrol109 g/km8.5139 mph£32,665
2.0 TDI 150 R-Line 5dr DSGDiesel103 g/km8.4139 mph£33,890
Volkswagen Golf R Line
2.0 TDI 150 R-Line 5drDiesel104 g/km8.8139 mph£30,550
Volkswagen Golf Black Edition
1.5 TSI 150 Black Edition 5drPetrol8.5139 mph£32,340
1.5 eTSI 150 Black Edition 5dr DSGPetrol8.5139 mph£34,160
2.0 TSI 190 Black Edition 4Motion 5dr DSGPetrol6.7145 mph£36,640
Volkswagen Golf GTD
2.0 TDI 200 GTD 5dr DSGDiesel7152 mph£37,375
Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport
2.0 TSI 300 GTI Clubsport 5dr DSGPetrolNot Available151 g/km5.6155 mph£42,210
Volkswagen Golf R
2.0 TSI 320 R 4Motion 5dr DSGPetrol161 g/km4.7155 mph£44,455
Volkswagen Golf R 20 year
2.0 TSI 333 R 20 Years 4Motion 5dr DSGPetrol4.6168 mph£50,355
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