Audi A5 coupe

£29,190 - £44,865

The Audi A5 coupe is a stylish five-seat, two-door car based on the company's long-serving A4 saloon. Under the bonnet is a choice of powerful yet economical diesel and petrol engines. The most impressive, the 2.0-litre TDI Ultra, is capable of 0-62mph in a brisk 8.3 seconds and a very frugal 67.3mpg, all for a road tax bill of just £20.

There are three trim levels, but the standard specification is generous enough, as it includes stop-start engine technology to enhance fuel economy, alloy wheels, a 10-speaker stereo with a DAB digital radio and heated leather seats. From a safety perspective, there's electronic stability control and a full complement of airbags. For extra grip in all conditions, there's also the option of quattro four-wheel drive on all models bar the 1.8-litre TFSI petrol.

In standard from, the A5 coupe is front-wheel drive, while its closest rivals (the BMW 4 Series and Mercedes C-class coupe) are rear-wheel drive. It's more than just a theoretical difference in layout – the BMW in particular is more fun to drive, while the Audi feels more predictable and has superior traction on ice and snow. The addition of quattro four-wheel drive only increases the A5's grip further.

Audis are praised for their hewn-from-granite feeling, and the A5 is no exception. The interior feels built to last, with the most severe bump in the road unlikely to elicit even the faintest squeak from the trim. It isn’t the roomiest cabin, though; the BMW 4 Series coupe is much more spacious in the rear.

Impressive fuel economy and variable service intervals should mean an A5 is reasonably cheap to run. However, depreciation (motorists’ single biggest expense) can be quite high on certain versions, so it pays to choose your engine, trim level and options carefully. Again, the recently launched BMW 4 Series is much better in this regard, losing less money than the A5 over three years.

Company-car buyers wanting a more discreet alternative to a BMW or Mercedes, along with a low tax bill, are likely to be the Audi A5 coupe's biggest customers – especially now the efficient TDI Ultra model has joined the range. However, some young families could also consider one, at least while the children are still small.