Audi A5 coupe

£29,200 - £44,740

The Audi A5 is a comfortable coupe that competes with cars such as the BMW 4 Series coupe. It is good to look at and makes perfect sense if you want a stylish car, that's properly built and (in the case of the basic diesel version) very cheap to run, although it is not as much fun to drive as the BMW.

Audi offers plenty of engine choices with the A5, though, so if you’re after quick pace the company's big 444bhp V8 petrol engine is the one to go for. Equipped with it, the A5 also gets Audi's Quattro four-wheel drive system, which means the A5 won’t be fazed by slippery road conditions.

The flagship is not cheap to run, however, and Audi offers the A5, with a good range of engines to suit most budgets. That includes three petrol engines – a 1.8-litre (170bhp), 2.0-litre (225bhp), and a 3.0-litre (328bhp), plus four diesel engines. They are split between two 2.0-litre engines with 163 and 177bhp, and two 3.0-litre engines with 204 and 245bhp.

The payoff for the Audi A5's pretty looks are rear seats that are too cramped for adults on a long journey, but should be okay for kids. The interior of the A5 is made from high-quality materials and has fewer buttons than most, giving it a clean uncluttered look. It feels solidly built too; matching up to the reputation Audi has for making some of the best interiors on the market.

Basic trim level is SE, but it still comes with plenty of kit including a powerful stereo, 17-inch alloy wheels, DAB radio, and three-zone climate control. The latter allows you specify different temperatures for passengers sitting in the driver and passenger seats, plus the rear of the car.

There's a new A4 due in 2015 and a new A5 shouldn’t be too far behind.