Range Rover SUV


Range Rover SUV

Price  £73,950 - £146,890

Range Rover SUV

reviewed by Carbuyer

  • Beautiful, high-quality interior
  • Incredibly quiet
  • Superb ride quality over the worst surfaces
  • Very expensive
  • Getting into the back still isn’t easy
  • Touchscreen system not easy to use

At a glance

The greenest
3.0 SDV6 HEV Autobiography 5dr £100,340
The cheapest
3.0 TDV6 Vogue 5dr £73,950
The fastest
5.0 V8 S/C Autobiography 5dr £100,350
Top of the range
3.0 SDV6 HEV Autobiography Black LWB 5dr £146,890

"A high quality, incredibly refined luxury car with true go-anywhere ability."

The Range Rover looks like a 4x4, but it's more of a rival these days for the Mercedes S-ClassAudi A8 and, yes, the Bentley Continental Flying Spur and Rolls-Royce Ghost. Such are the improvements in ride, interior quality and road-noise reduction (this is a seriously quiet car), it's a luxury car first and an off-roader second. That's why it won our 2013 CarBuyer Best Luxury Car award. However, there also aren't many cars that can match the Range Rover's off-road ability. The latest car has shed more than 400kg thanks to the use of lightweight aluminium, and that pays off with better fuel economy and low emissions for such a large car. The new V6 diesel is the pick of the bunch, for its blend of performance and economy, and is the nicer of the two diesels (the other being a V8) to drive – it feels slightly smoother with less of the noise normally associated with diesels. The supercharged V8 petrol is as fast as any sports car and makes a great sporty noise, too. But the diesel versions aren’t exactly slow and you won't have to fill them up as often - and the Hybrid is the top performer for fuel economy by far. Trim levels include Vogue, Vogue SE, and Autobiogrpahy

MPG, running costs & CO2

2.0 / 5

Much-improved economy, but still expensive to run

You wouldn’t expect a luxury car to be cheap to run, but with efficient diesel engines, the Audi A8Mercedes S-Class and even the Jaguar XJ will do over 40mpg and carry you huge distances between visits to the filling station. The Range Rover's new lightweight body means it's far more fuel efficient than before, with the excellent new V6 diesel engine achieving 37mpg, according to Land Rover. Whether you get that in the real world remains to be seen – this will still be an expensive car to keep running, with maintenance costs on the high side, too. Only consider the supercharged V8 petrol if you really need the extra acceleration and can live with only 21mpg fuel economy. The top pick for running costs is the Range Rover Hybrid, which can get 44mpg and 169g/km emissions, but it will be much more to buy in the first place.

Interior & comfort

4.8 / 5

Supremely comfortable wherever you’re sitting

The Range Rover has upped its comfort level to something on par with the Rolls-Royce Ghost, and better than a Mercedes S-Class. Big, squishy chairs hold you in place and support the bits that need supporting – you can even get them to massage you on some models. The high-up driving position gives you a great all-around view (and there are optional cameras to help you even more), while all the controls are sensibly placed and easy to use. There are 50 per cent fewer buttons on the dashboard than in the old car, but many functions have been moved to the touchscreen infotainment system. That makes it quite fiddly to use, needing too many prods (which leave too many finger prints) for some minor functions. The new system also makes it difficult to find even the most basic of commands.

Practicality & boot space

4.0 / 5

Better in the back, as long as you can get in

The new Range Rover has more space between the wheels than the old model, so there’s more room for stretching out in the back of the car. It’s still much easier to get into a low-level luxury car like the Mercedes S-Class or Audi A8, though. Even with the Range Rover dropped down on its air-suspension in Access mode, it’s quite a jump up, while the front of the rear wheel arch still gets in the way. The boot is large, though, and easier than ever to access, with the traditional split two-piece tailgate now opening at the touch of a button with electrical assistance.

Reliability & safety

3.2 / 5

Lots to do to banish poor reliability record

Range Rover has a reputation for high class, stylish 4x4s, but there’s no denying its poor reputation for reliability over the years. Parent company Land Rover consistently comes towards the bottom of owner satisfaction surveys, with some big bills reported on older models. The new Range Rover is built in a different way and in a different factory, while electrical components are less complex and more reliable. We hope that bodes well for a more reliable future. The Range Rover has also been awarded a five-star Euro NCAP safety rating, which includes one of the highest ratings ever given for pedestrian protection in the 'Large Off-Roader' category.

Engines, drive & performance

4.2 / 5

One of the best luxury cars on the road – and the best off it

You want comfort and refinement from your luxury car, with a bit of fun if the mood takes you, and the Range Rover provides all of that in abundance. For such a big and (still) heavy car, it's supremely quiet on the move – quieter even than the Bentley Continental Flying Spur around town, and quieter than an Audi A8 on the motorway. The way the car glides over bumps is sublime, too, though it can feel a little jittery on more uneven surfaces. Although the handling is tidier than ever, with less leaning through any corners, you’re likely to have more fun in a Range Rover when off-roading. The Terrain Response system makes it peerless over rough ground.

Price, value for money & options

2.5 / 5

Starting to look pricey, but generously equipped

Range Rovers have always been expensive, but this latest model has had a significant price rise over the old car. That said, prices are competitive when you compare them to the likes of the Mercedes S-Class or Audi A8 and the level of equipment on the Range Rover is slightly more generous – you get more standard gadgets and gizmos whether you go for Vogue, Vogue SE or Autobiography models. And compared to a Bentley or Rolls-Royce, which the Range Rover now competes with, it still looks like good value.

What the others say

5 / 5
based on 2 reviews
5.0 / 5

"An automotive icon improved. The new Range Rover does the luxury thing better than many more expensive luxury cars, with off-road ability that's the best bar none. It's not quite perfect – access and space in the back isn’t fantastic and we’re not fans of the touchscreen infotainment system. But it gets closer to perfect than anything else at the money and is a fantastic engineering and styling achievement."

5.0 / 5

"Absolutely, if you can afford it, because the one major irritation is that all this comes with a sizeable hike in the Range Rover's price – by almost £10,000 on some models. If you can swallow it, there's no denying that it's a magnificent effort. The world's best SUV? Easily. The world's best luxury car? It's arguable."

Last updated 
13 Jan 2014

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