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"The Citroen C3 Aircross is a quirky small SUV with cool looks, a cosy interior and plenty to like about the way it drives"

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    Entering the SUV world; I'd say I'm really pleased. Definitely don't expect Audi soft touch finish dash with robust plastics; but that aside the Citroen is of a decent build quality fit and finish. A few areas feel a bit low rent but nothing that turns you away from a purchase. I definitely don't feel like it's cheaply made; and the doors shut with a solid noise rather than a tinny ping. The gearbox is typical Citroen with a longer than average throw.... but nothing hateful or bad enough to make you hate the car. I got used to it quickly actually. The 1.2 engine (all be it the 82 lower powered version) is absolutely fine. Coming from a 1.2 turbo (to a non turbo) is hardly noticeable and I really am happy with the amount of pull in acceleration. Actually I'm quite surprised. But anyway; Citroen do offer a turbo version anyways. The steering is perfectly fine though I did read loads of reviews saying it was dull and lifeless. Not at all. It's nice and light and smooth. Great for parking and city.....though okay; I guess a little vague on sweeping country roads. I really like this car and within a few months have become quite fond of it. Some people might struggle with the heating controls being intrigued within the screen but again; I don't find this a problem. So far no issues to report but it is early days. Technology is plentiful with a long list of playful tech. Even a radar on the front that reads speed signs and provides lane departure warning. All works well. My only one gripe is the Citroen app on my Android phone is absolutely useless....But that's probably the software developer for the app....and not actually Citroen. Also; there is no undertray to protect all the various engine bits and belts from any flying obstructions on the road. This worries me a little bit incase I'm just unfortunate. Perhaps this is where Citroen save some money. Maybe it's just me but I felt some of the belts are a bit exposed to the road. Other than that .....for me; yes it's not of Audi build quality; but equally it's not of the same price tag either. Am I happy with the Aircross....definitely so far. In the time that I have owned the car I have chucked it about the roads -and it seems to have responded well; riding the British pothole smoothly on the 16 inch alloys. I would definitely buy the car it was a perfect balance of cost quality styling performance and anticipated reliability.

    5 out of 5

    No problem so far... But it's really early days.
    I genuinely don't have any problems with performance. But I'm totally realistic that this is an 82 brake horsepower SUV. I don't have a problem overtaking on the motorway. I don't have a problem pulling off lights with a bit of force.
    Running Cost

    4 out of 5

    A little bit thirsty; but it is a new engine. On cruise control on the motorway I probably get 56 mpg overall. In town 40mpg....and in heavy traffic 38mpg.

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