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Don't ‘saw’ at the wheel

You may have seen drivers frantically sawing at the wheel on TV or during YouTube videos, but the safest way to drive is actually to steer as little as possible. Imagine an arc through each corner and try to steer once as you enter the bend, holding the wheel almost still until you reach the other side. Hacking at the wheel in a turn can unsettle the car, provoking a skid, and reduces grip by altering the front tyre's contact patch on the road.

Learning to steer the car more smoothly will make your passengers feel a lot more settled and is an essential skill if you ever tow a long trailer or caravan, or have bikes or a canoe mounted on the car's roof. It's especially vital in wet and wintry conditions, where grip is reduced.

Don’t ask too much of your car

One of the first principles of racing driving is getting the car slowed down sufficiently before every corner, and the same applies out on the road. Cars brake effectively in a straight line, and asking a car to brake and corner simultaneously can be a recipe for disaster, unsettling its balance and potentially causing it to skid.

We would also avoid changing gear mid-corner, because not only can this unsettle the car, but you should have both hands on the steering wheel while cornering.

Find out how to improve your vigilance and braking on page 3... 

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