Mercedes E-Class estate (2009-2016) - Practicality & boot space

Just as there are variations in the model’s boot space, so some versions of the Mercedes E-Class estate can tow a lot more than others

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The Mercedes E-Class estate is rightly praised for its vast, class-leading boot space, but some versions actually have more of it than others. Whichever one you buy, though, you’ll find there’s no shortage of storage cubbies. And just as there are variations in boot space, so some versions of the E-Class estate can tow a lot more than others. It pays to know which before you buy.

Mercedes E-Class estate interior space and storage

The E-Class is an undeniably large car. However, rear-seat passengers, especially the person in the middle, will be disappointed to find that because the car is rear-wheel drive, there’s a bulky transmission tunnel running up the centre of the floor, right where they’ll want to put their feet. Otherwise, there’s plenty of head and legroom, front and rear. There are also plenty of storage cubbies, plus a large glovebox and a huge lidded compartment between the front seats.

Mercedes E-Class estate boot space

Boot space in the E-Class estate varies according to model. For example, the boot in the E220 BlueTEC, which has an additional tank for the AdBlue fuel additive, measures 600 litres with the seats upright and 1,855 litres with them lowered. This compares with 695 and 1,950 litres in the E250 CDI and E250 CGI. The bootspace in the E300 BlueTEC Hybrid falls midway between the two, at 650 and 1,905 litres.

So if maximum boot space really is critical to you, then you should probably buy an E250 CDI or E250 CGI, although in reality you can probably just about squeeze the same amount of luggage into the other versions. Fortunately, all E-Class estate models have a powered tailgate for easy closing.

For the record, the boot in the BMW 5 Series Touring measures 560 and 1,670 litres respectively with the seats up and down, while the Audi A6 Avant’s is 565 and 1,680 litres. However, at 660 and 1,865 litres, the boot in the Skoda Superb estate, which starts at around £20,000, is larger than the one in E-Class estate BlueTEC models.

Mercedes E-Class estate towing

Like the variations in boot space, it pays to know your E-Class estate’s towing limits. All but one version can tow an impressive 2,100kg. The one exception is the E300 BlueTEC Hybrid. You’d be very annoyed if you bought one expecting it to be capable of towing a caravan. In fact, it can tow only 300kg – little more than a small trailer.

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