Smart ForTwo Cabrio convertible (2016-2019) - Practicality & boot space

The Smart ForTwo only has two seats and its boot is quite small

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2.9 out of 5

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4.0 out of 5

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2.0 out of 5

Smart ForTwo Cabrio interior space & storage

A quick glance at the size of the ForTwo should give you a fairly accurate impression of its practicality. There's obviously not an abundance of space inside, it has no rear seats and the boot is small.

The ForTwo is small for a reason, though, and the designers have done a good job with the cabin space they have, accommodating three cup-holders (two in front of and one behind the handbrake), decent-sized door bins and storage nets behind the seats. The doors are big and open wide, so it's easy to get in and out of the car.

The fabric roof can be put up or down in around 12 seconds and this can be done at any speed. There are four configurations: closed, open like a sunroof, fully folded down and completely open with roof bars removed. It’s worth remembering that removing the roof bars means you can’t put the roof up again while on the move, which is definitely a risk in the UK considering the changeability of our weather!

At motorway pace, the ForTwo is noisy with the roof down, but at town speeds it’s much better. The optional heated seats mean you can have the roof down on all but the very coldest of mornings, provided it’s not raining.

One other thing to note is the size of the car's fuel tank: just 25 litres. This won't be noticeable for short trips around town, but any longer trips in the car will be punctuated by more fuel stops than you might expect, regardless of the fact that both available engines return decent fuel economy.

Boot space

The ForTwo cabrio has the same amount of boot space as the coupe, so owners have 260 litres of space to play with. While this is only enough for two small suitcases, it's not too bad given the car's overall dimensions.

Most owners will use the ForTwo for trips to the shops, rather than holidays or house moves, so it's only if you buy a particularly unusual or awkward-shaped item that the limited luggage space could really be a problem. For everyday items like school bags, groceries or gym kit, the ForTwo's boot should suffice.

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