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Burst your driving bubble

While a car is a cocoon-like space, paying attention to the outside environment can help motorists predict danger and stay alert. For instance, if you see a school sign, you should be on the lookout for children - particularly in the morning and mid-afternoon. Sporting venues and parks may also be busy and there's a chance of balls, dogs and people suddenly ending up on the road. If you're driving in the evening and you spot a pub or bar, beware of people who may stumble or have impaired awareness of their surroundings.

Keep your windscreen free of mist and condensation

Here in the UK, we often experience exactly the sort of damp and cool conditions that cause misty windows covered in condensation. Luckily, most modern cars have powerful air-conditioning systems that are efficient at clearing them, but it helps to know the best settings to use. Firstly, make sure the air-conditioning is turned on, then check the recirculation button is turned off. Turn the flow of air to the windscreen setting and choose the maximum heat setting. It's usually best to wait for a few minutes for the air flow to take effect, as wiping the windscreen can cause smears that only make matters worse.

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