Mercedes C-Class coupe (2011-2015) - MPG, running costs & CO2

Efficient diesels in Mercedes C-Class Coupe offer seriously impressive economy

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Despite its sporty looks, the Mercedes C-Class Coupe is surprisingly cheap to run, as long as you choose a diesel. While the entry-level petrol engine is reasonably efficient, the Mercedes C63 AMG that sits at the top of the range results in wallet-wilting bills due to its 6.2-litre petrol engine.

Mercedes C-Class Coupe MPG and CO2

The most popular C-Class Coupe engine is likely to be the 170bhp 2.1-litre diesel in the C220 CDI, which will manage 68.9mpg and emits only 109g/km of CO2. Stop-start technology, which shuts off the engine when you're stopped in traffic, helps it to achieve these impressive numbers.

If you want a bit more poke, you'll have to increase your budget by about £2,000 and go for the more expensive 204hp C250 CDI model, which is only available in the AMG Sport trim. What you gain in performance with this model, you lose in fuel economy and CO2 emissions, which are 52.3mpg and 143g/km respectively.

The cheapest C-Class coupe is the C180 petrol version, and compared to the diesels, its figures aren't bad (44.1mpg and 149g/km of CO2). They're certainly better than those of the high-performance C63 AMG, which struggles to even achieve mid-20s mpg and chucks out a considerable 280g/km of CO2.

How do the C-Class Coupe's rivals compare for economy and emissions? Well, BMW's EfficientDynamics models fare pretty well. The BMW 420d diesel will manage 60.1mpg, emit 127g/km of CO2 and is well priced. The petrol-powered BMW 420i manages a respectable 46.3mpg and 144g/km of CO2. Audi's A5 coupe has similar stats, with the new 2.0-litre 163 Ultra SE diesel managing 67.3mpg and emitting a very low 109g/km of CO2.

Mercedes C-Class insurance

It's never going to be cheap to insure a Mercedes, and your premium price will depend whether you choose the entry-level car or the all-bells-and-whistles C63 AMG model. Expect mid-30s (for the former) to mid-40s (for the latter) insurance ratings.

Mercedes C-Class warranty

Mercedes offers a fairly standard guarantee with its cars: a three-year/unlimited-mileage warranty.

Mercedes C-Class servicing

When it comes to maintaining your C-Class Coupe, Mercedes offers various annual servicing options when you buy your car, including two, three and four-year plans that are transferable to new owners, which should help boost your car's residual value when you come to sell it.

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