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Care by Volvo: everything you need to know

We explain Care by Volvo, a way to drive a new Volvo with most ownership costs included

Care by Volvo is an in-house leasing package designed to make life easier for Volvo owners. All running costs apart from fuel are included and are rolled into one monthly payment. It’s a leasing deal, rather than a PCP deal that allows you to own the car outright after a final payment.

In January 2020, Volvo UK confirmed that the outgoing Care by Volvo subscription service had been temporarily withdrawn and would be relaunched using the same name in the near future.

What does Care by Volvo include?

This way of leasing cars is known as a subscription service and it’s an increasingly common way of running a new car. All major running costs are covered and the package avoids some of the disadvantages of car ownership. You’ll pay fixed monthly payments and in return drive a new Volvo without most of the associated ownership costs.

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These costs include road tax, servicing and breakdown cover. You can add insurance to the package, which just leaves you with fuel to pay for. Care by Volvo is operated through a call centre, so from ordering the car to arranging servicing or repairs, you are unlikely to ever need to visit a main dealer.

You can even press a ‘Volvo On Call’ button inside the car to activate Care by Volvo’s connected services, which will organise recovery to your location, whether your car has encountered a breakdown or been involved in an accident.

How much does Care by Volvo cost?

Care by Volvo is paid for via fixed monthly fees over a two or three-year lease contract, without a deposit. As explained above, it includes everything other than insurance (unless included in the package), fuel and consumables such as tyres and windscreen damage.

The exact cost depends on the length of the contract, the type of Volvo you choose, where you live and how much you drive. We recommend comparing Care by Volvo quotes with the cost of buying the same Volvo through traditional PCP finance.

Which Volvo models can I drive through Care by Volvo?

Care by Volvo allows you to drive the full range of Volvo cars, including the S90 and S60 saloon cars, the V90 and V60 estate models and the XC40, XC60 and XC90 SUVs.

Is it cost-effective to lease through Care by Volvo?

Subscription services like Care by Volvo offer so much convenience for driving new cars without the hassle of traditional ownership. The luxury of having one fixed monthly payment to cover the major costs of running a new car will appeal to buyers who can afford it. Volvo hopes Care by Volvo will account for almost a quarter of their new car registrations in the coming years.

Others will want to study the small print and work out the exact costs involved in running a new Volvo themselves. There is so much convenience involved in subscription services that some will be happy to pay a premium for it.

There are savings to be made by choosing a method other than Care by Volvo. You could, for example, buy a pre-registered, nearly new or used Volvo instead and potentially save thousands. If you want to drive a brand new model, our advice is to compare the costs of a Care by Volvo contract with PCP finance and other leasing methods.

Some savings will actually prove possible through Care by Volvo but we recommend shopping around for quotes, since prices are set by your local Volvo retailer.

If you would like to know more about financing new cars, head over to our ultimate guide to new car finance for tips and advice.

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