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Alfa Romeo 4C coupe (2013-2018) - Practicality & boot space

With a tiny boot and cramped interior, the Alfa Romoe 4C isn't built for everyday use

Carbuyer Rating

2.5 out of 5

Practicality & boot space Rating

2.0 out of 5

The Alfa Romeo 4C is a weekend plaything, not a car for everyday use. The seats are very low-set and require a certain amount of gymnastic ability to get into them. Though they look great and are comfortable initially, they can lead to backache on longer trips.

The sporty ride and loud engine can make the 4C uncomfortable when using it for anything other than weekend blasts around twisty B-roads or a race track.

Alfa Romeo 4C interior space & storage

The interior of this car is pretty cramped and a passenger who doesn’t enjoy the fun of driving may start to resent it on longer journeys, as it’s not the most comfortable. There are no rear seats and storage space around the cabin is limited – there isn’t even a glovebox.

There is at least a storage cubby between and behind the two seats that looks like small leather pouch, but opens up into something larger than you think. It’s a nice design touch, but only really serves as a good place to keep your snacks. Rear visibility is also bad, so parking sensors are worth considering.

Boot space

The boot has just 110 litres of space, so there isn’t room for much except a couple of small bags. The boot also gets hot because it’s near the engine, so sticking your supermarket shopping in the back could result in a lot of unintentionally slow-cooked food.

The Porsche Cayman is much more practical in this respect – its layout means there’s a 275-litre luggage space in the back and 150 litres in a smaller boot area under the bonnet. This is typical of the difference between the two cars: the Porsche is a far more well rounded package.

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