BMW 6 Series coupe (2012-2018) - Reliability & safety

Brand’s strong reliability and safety record helps the BMW 6 Series coupe to excel

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Reliability and safety are important areas, and BMW as a brand and the 6 Series as a model have both fared well, building on a strong reputation for quality cars and safety. A vast array of tech is on offer to help owners in almost any situation and the number of airbags and standard safety equipment means occupants will remain well protected. The brand scores well for overall manufacturer satisfaction.

It’s a shame about the sub-par service buyers seem to receive at the dealerships, as the Driver Power survey also pointed out holes in the standard of care that owners receive when visiting a main BMW dealer.

BMW 6 Series coupe reliability

BMW came 14th in our 2015 Driver Power manufacturer survey, which bodes relatively well for 6 Series reliability. Generally, the brand has a good reputation for building solid vehicles, so this should remain the case for the 6 Series. The only bone of contention may be the level of service drivers could receive at a dealership, as the Driver Power survey also highlighted that BMW dealer satisfaction was in the bottom half of the rankings.


Safety should also be a 6 Series strong point, and the car comes with an impressive range of features and standard equipment. They include cameras for aiding visibility at junctions, BMW Night Vision that detects and alerts you to pedestrians on the road up to 300 meters away, and a head-up display that projects vital information, such as speed, onto the windscreen. The latter means the driver never needs never take their eyes off the road.

Optional safety kit includes Driving Assisant Plus, a camera and radar-based intelligent connected-car system incorporating Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go, Lane Departure Warning, and Pedestrian and Collision Warning with Braking. It automatically maintains a safe gap to the car in front, alerts a 6 Series driver whose actions might cause a collision and, at up to 37mph, brakes the car to a standstill if there is a risk of an impact with a pedestrian.

The BMW also offers numerous airbags, plus stability and traction control systems across the range. The only thing the 6 Series is lacking is an official Euro NCAP rating but that’s because it’s not sold in sufficient numbers to be tested, not because it’s unsafe.

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