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"The Ford Focus Estate is a practical car that's good looking, comfortable and great to drive"

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Ford Focus 1.5 EcoBoost 150 Titanium auto

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I bought this car as after owning an Audi A3 as I needed more load capacity, softer suspension and, above all, less road noise. The car drives nicely on the whole. Suspension is fairly soft, but that suits me. Steering is nice and direct but very light, which needs getting used to. Road noise is not intrusive. The engine is smooth with sufficient acceleration for my requirements. The 8 speed auto gearbox seems to make some odd decisions at times but nothing serious, and it would be helpful to have an indication what gear it was in when in D. The car came well equipped with lots of driver aids, which all seem to work pretty well. BLIS, adaptive cruise control and lane keeping aid are great for motorway driving. The intelligent speed limiter is effective but suffers from an over reading speedo. This means it spots a 30mph limit sign and reduces the speed to 30 which on the gps is nearer to 28. SYNC3 is distinctly unimpressive compare to my previous Audi’s system. I really don’t need to start the car from the kitchen, but would like a functional way of sending a destination from my phone to the car - you have to connect the phone by cable to the car and eventually the destination pops up. If you fail to save it, it cannot be recalled. Satnav is again very poor compared to the Audi and as for voice control, that is a joke. Again the Audi far superior. The car has a sunroof. I’m 6’3” (of which more later) and the sunroof does not restrict headroom. However personally I don’t see the point of it. There is much to admire in the car in terms of load space, with clever stowage for the cover (I never use them but saves storing it in the shed)and the fact you can angle up the floor to reduce the space - thus preventing the shopping flying around. Rear seat legroom is excellent for a car of this size. I now come to the real disappointment. Being Titanium spec, it has sports seats. I found these fine on the test drive and unfortunately did not give them much thought. After driving for any length of time, they become an instrument of torture. For a tall driver there is no support at all for the thighs, one’s entire weight is supported on the bones in your bottom and this soon becomes agonising. I have had sports seats in the Audi and in a Mini before that with no problem at all. In fact I liked the support they gave. The one’s in the Focus are appalling. However you cannot adjust them for any sort of comfort. Raising the seat actually moves it forward as well, which is unhelpful when it is already as far back as it will go. There is a lumbar support adjustment which is purely in and out. You cannot adjust it up or down to find that ‘sweet spot’. In short, the car has to go. From my point of view it is undriveable - a shame because it suits in most respects. I can live with a poor sat-nav as Apple CarPlay can make up for that. But the seats - no.

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