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Mitsubishi L200 pickup - Reliability & safety

Active safety kit has arrived and the Mitsubishi L200 is built on tough underpinnings

Carbuyer Rating

3.9 out of 5

Reliability & safety Rating

4.0 out of 5

Mitsubishi has fitted a raft of new safety features to the L200, ensuring it's safer than before. This includes active safety technology designed to prevent or mitigate a collision, such as blind-spot warnings and autonomous emergency braking.

Many will also see the evolution of the fifth-generation L200's underpinnings as a positive for reliability because any weaknesses should have been sorted for this model, making it even tougher and more reliable.

Mitsubishi L200 reliability

Mitsubishi's slogan for the L200 is ‘Engineered Beyond Tough’ because if there's one thing customers want from a pickup, it's dependability. Many pickups face a tough life of towing, off-roading, and hauling cargo, and when relied upon for business, it's important they keep going no matter what. A few of the changes to make the L200 tougher include fitting larger brakes and bigger rear dampers to the suspension, while the automatic gearbox has also been changed.

Mitsubishi owners praised the reliability of their cars in our 2020 Driver Power brand survey, finishing in 16th place out of 30 manufacturers, with 12.3% of owners reported a fault in the first year of ownership.


There's a significant amount of new safety technology in the L200, helping avoid collisions before they happen. For example, lane change assist and lane departure warnings make multi-lane driving safer, while rear cross traffic alert should be particularly useful in a pickup, where reversing out of a parking space can be very dangerous. If you fail to spot another vehicle while driving, autonomous emergency braking can step in, and trailer stability assist helps prevent a swaying trailer. It's a shame that 4 Life versions don't get the automatic braking system.

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